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RalSt over at Passion and Perfection has announced a new website: A Perfect Passion to follow "web series with a decidedly female touch". There are currently 18 series being followed. The most current post is looking for user input on lesbian inclusinve web series.

Featured Limerick

August 13, 2011

Holiday Short – Limerick Day (May 12th) - by sunsetwriter

There once was a cop named Benson,
Who was butchy and fabulous and then some,
She couldn’t help but make passes,
When Alex wore glasses,
And hope she might wear them again some.

You could knock Alex over with a feather,
In any and all kinds of weather,
Be it cold or it hot,
It really mattered not,
As long as Olivia wore leather.

Past Featured Drabbles

August 13, 2011
Site statistics for April though July.

For the first time, Spontaneous Catharsis is featuring a limerick - sunsetwriter is honoring us with a diddy from the SVU fandom.

I have expanded the archive to include the EPUB format -
see wikipedia for complete details and what readers support this format. Although Barnes and Noble bought Peanut Press (creator of eReader) and release their eBooks in this format, their android app (and the Nook Color) will not read this format. I purchased a ASUS Transformer (tablet) to replace a very old Dell Axim and could not find a app to read these .pdb files. I am using Hamster Free eBook Converter to make .epub version of the .pdb file contained here. So far, the conversions seem to be decent - issues in the .epub versions are due to issues in the original .pdb version. Please email me if you find a file that isn't converted properly.

Welcome Manda to the archive with a western AU from Criminal Minds.

♥ Added Slow Surprise (Em/JJ) by Manda an AU from Criminal Minds. [ePub]
♥ Added R & I 4 Pack by Ann from Rizzoli & Isles. [ePub]
♥ Added Jolt (R/I) by D.S. from Rizzoli & Isles. [ePub]
♥ Added Holiday Shorts 8 Pack by sunsetwriter from SVU. [ePub]
♥ Added The One That I Want (FoL) by Blitzeiter from Facts of Life. [ePub]
♥ Added Blood is Thicker A/O by Allie from SVU. [ePub]
♥ Added Mr. & Mrs. Mord'Sith by trancer from Legend of the Seeker (Uber). [ePub]
♥ Added Rachel Morgan-Berry & Quinn Ivy Fabrary by trancer from Glee & the Hollows. [ePub]
♥ Added First Bite (N/N) by Ann from Nikki & Nora. [ePub]
♥ Added Awakening & Becoming (A/O) by racethewind10 from SVU. [ePub]
♥ Added A Very Special Polniaczek Thanksgiving by Blitzreiter from Facts of Life. [ePub]
♥ Added CM Random Three by Ann from Criminal Mind. [ePub]
♥ Added Bad Girls Random Three by ncruuk from Bad Girls. [ePub]

April 2, 2011
Site statistics for March 2011: 5,476 downloads.

Added the Glee fanfom to the archive.

♥ Added Lost in the Masquerade by Blitzreiter from Facts of Life.
♥ Added Q/R Unrelated 3some by trancer from Glee.
♥ Added Here's to the Night by Whedonist from Nikki & Nora.
♥ Added The Cabot Cabin by VivalaB from SVU.
♥ Added Lazy Days and Sundays by kimly from Criminal Minds.
♥ Added WMC VS 3 Ep 6 by darandkerry from WMC.
♥ Added WMC VS 3 Ep 7 by mysensitiveside from WMC.
♥ Added WMC VS 3 Ep 8 by Misty Flores from WMC.
♥ Added Putting the Damage On by Whedonist from Nikki & Nora (mostly with original characters.)
♥ Added A Thousand Oceans by Whedonist from Nikki & Nora

March 26, 2011
     Site statistics for February 2011: 4,513 downloads.

Instead of a Featured Drabble this time, I posted a snippet of a Criminal Minds story by racethewind10. For all those wanting to kick CBS's ass from one side of the world to the next for Season 6 - this might put a more positive spin on it all. Check out the full fic below.

Added the Firefly/Serenity and Warehouse 13 fandoms to the archive.

♥ Added Ever After by racethewind10 from Criminal Minds.
♥ Reposted Animal by Whedonist from BtVS & SVU. Continuation of One Last Shot and Dark Passenger. Replaced original, incomplete file.
♥ Added Happy Development by Whedonist from BtVS and Firefly/Serenity.
♥ Added By the Pricking of My Thumbs by Fewthistle from Warehouse 13.
♥ Added Family Reunion by Ann from Rizzoli & Isles.
♥ Added Perceptions and Sensations by The Raven from Lost Girl.
♥ Added Artemis & Aphrodite by Blitzreiter from Facts of Life.
♥ Added Déjà Vu by VivalaB from SVU.
♥ Added Sanctuary Pair by Celievamp from Sanctuary.
♥ Added Fall Back into Me by Whedonist from SVU.
♥ Added Shadows and Ghosts by racethewind10 from SVU & CSI.

February 27, 2011
     Site statistics for January 2011: 6,208 downloads.

Welcome North to the archive with a 3-pack from Lost Girl. And welcome Lesley Mitchell with a 4some from Muder in Suburbia. Welcome Blizreiter with the beginnings of a Facts of Life epic.

♥ Added NCIS 3some by Del Robertson from NCIS.
♥ Added Holiday Shorts IX by sunsetwriter from SVU.
♥ Added Lost Girl 3 Pack by North from Lost Girl.
♥ Added Random MiS 4pack by Lesley Mitchell from Murder in Suburbia.
♥ Added Random CM 4pack by darandkerry from Criminal Minds.
♥ Added The Touch Series by mel from Lost Girl.
♥ Added Dancing by mel from SVU.
♥ Added Game Face by mel from SVU. Sequel to Dancing.
♥ Added Peekskill Roads (1) by Blitzreitger from Facts of Life.
♥ Added Random R & I Pair by sunsetwriter from Rizzoli & Isles.

January 1, 2011
     Site statistics for 2010: 93,355 downloads for the year for an average of 7,780 a month; a 62% increase over 2009. Also archived the 2010 updates.

Welcome Lisa Countryman to the archive with an Abby/Ziva NCIS offering. Also welcome VivalaB with offerings from SVU. Welcome Jax writing in the Criminal Minds fandom. Welcome Nico with three unrelated fics from MiS.

Added the Spooks fandom to the archive.

♥ Added Live Like You Were Dying by D from SVU. Continuation of Until.
♥ Added Close Protection Officer by Lisa Countryman from NCIS.
♥ Added One Last Shot by Whedonist from BtVS.
♥ Added Dark Passenger by Whedonist from BtVS. Continuation of One Last Shot.
♥ Added Animal by Whedonist from BtVS & SVU. Continuation of One Last Shot and Dark Passenger.
♥ Added Vixen Series by VivalaB from SVU.
♥ Added Undercover Series by VivalaB from SVU.
♥ Added R & I Dozen by sailor80 from Rizzoli & Isles.
♥ Added R & I Watch TV Series by mel from Rizzoli & Isles.
♥ Added Random R & I Seven by mel from Rizzoli & Isles.
♥ Added Random CM Five by Jax from Criminal Minds.
♥ Added Provincialism by Harper from Murder in Suburbia & Spooks.
♥ Added Lover Undercover by mel from Criminal Minds.
♥ Added I'll Be Your Disguise by Whedonist from SVU.
♥ Added Unrelated MiS 3-some by Nico from Murder in Suburbia.
♥ Added Random CSI 10-pack by ralst from CSI.

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