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Kirk Baldridge

05/21/04     Worlds Apart     213KB
Crossover with Xena. W/T & X/G. Interdimentional, time traveling, romp

Available at The Mystic Muse

Susan Carr

11/08/03     La Bruja al Rescate     39KB
W/R - Chances are this story is going to be the ONLY het pairing available for a long while. I never expected this pairing to work for me but Susan makes it at least semi believable.

11/08/03     Sparring Partner     11KB
W/K - Buffy asks Willow to help her train the SITs.

11/2/03 The Valentine's Day Apocalypse 22KB
B/T and the lovey dovey holiday, Buffy-verse style.

Available at The Mystic Muse

Susan Carr & CN Winters

11/08/03     Show Me     14KB
W/T - Tara's in a horny spurt and tries to convince Willow to blow off a class.

Available at The Mystic Muse


03/13/05     Merely Mortal Series     962KB
K/F - An epic of six stories chronically the evolution of Kate and Faith's relationship.

Available at Forgotten Hearts

Liz Estrata

03/25/06     The Way, Way Back     114KB
K/F - Kate conscripts Faith to help with a tricky problem.

Available at Pink Rabbit

Ivy Gort
Removed 8-23-04 at the author's request

01/17/04     The Wiccan and Slayer     8KB
B/W - an interesting look at the differences between the Slayer and Buffy.

No Longer Available On Line

Hunter Ash

12/09/03     The Razor's Edge     148KB
A multi-dimentional romp. W/Other

Available at Frau Hunter's Story Crypt


12/12/03     W/T Season 3 Y'all     467KB
AU - Willow's parents send her away to private school but fate has a way of bring people together. W/T

Available at The Mystic Muse

David Knapton

02/21/04     The Demon Series AU     198KB
AU of Shehulk's Demon Series with Kellem. Contains both A New Beginning and Guardians of the Veil. W/B/T

Available at Triality


03/05/05     The Love Shack Series     98KB
AU. Written post season 2, set after their freshman year in college. Explores 'why' Buffy/Willow since the how is pretty well established. B/W

Available at Vicarious Smoochies


3/14/04 Life is Sweet & The Third Power 53KB W/B, W/B/T - Buffy helps Willow and Tara through a rough patch then a spell has unexpected results.

02/21/04     Scheherezade     28KB
W/B - The Council has yet another test for the Slayer.

03/31/04     252KB
Somewhere I Have Never Traveled Series
W/B - Contains The Dying of the Light; Somewhere I Have Never Travelled - Book One; TRIPTYCH: A Moment Of Pure Joy, The Essence of Cool, Who Watches The Watchers?; Somewhere I Have Never Traveled - Book Two. An epic by any standard. Spoilers gallor, so you've been warned.

All available at Giving it Away

Crys Loch

10/17/03     The Games Series     219KB
File contains all eleven chapters. Buffy and Willow decide to add some spice to their friendship by playing a game. B/W overall with shades of B/T, B/S, W/Other, B/Other - BDSM theme.

03/19/03     Pillow Talk     20KB
B/W - Post Chosen. No games.

01/17/04     Survivors     20KB
B/W - if you liked the Games Series, this is a bit different. a darker look at what season 7 could have been.

All available at The Mystic Muse

My Osage

04/22/04     36KB
The Seduction of Willow Rosenberg
W/F - My Osage is a self admitted Faith-a-holic and writes pairings that are as heart wrenching as they are believable. Set after Sunnydale becomes a giant crater and the Scoobies have scattered across the country, a pair of souls darkened by evil come together and one sacrifies her growing humanity for the life of the other.

10/31/03     A Slayer in Love     28KB
T/F - read it, it works.

10/26/04     Quad of Buffy/Faith     131KB
B/F - Contains: My Possession, Perfect, The Spell and When Lightening Strikes

All available at The Mystic Muse


11/25/03     The Daywalker Cycle     304KB
Contains all six stories: The Prophet, To Conquer Death, Slayer Academy, Into the Abyss, Taking the Initiative, and Echoes. W/Other, W/B, W/B/Other, F/Other

Available at The Mystic Muse


03/05/06  Butches & Femmes Anonymouses  6KB
Buffy/Willow & Willow/Faith and various other fanfic pairs. Holiday stress.

11/12/07  7 Willow/Tara Shorts  36KB
Willow/Tara. Contains: Light and Shadow, Frog Invasion, The Demon Way, Crackers and Ginger Ale, Colours, You Made me Believe, and Three Minute Silence.

Available at: Passion and Perfection

Red Willow

05/26/04     From the First Moment     35KB
An uncommon pairing that Red Willow pulls off like a charm. W/F

06/06/04     A Trio of Stories     334KB
Contains 3 related stories: The Spaces In Between, Filling in the Gaps and A Firm Foundation. W/B

All available at Red Willow's Pulverulent Place


10/31/03     The Chosen Series     112KB
File contains all three stories: Chosen; Chosen, Too; Chosen 3. B/W/T, B/W/T/K, B/W/T/K/F/J.

10/20/03     The Demon Series     123KB
File contains all three stories: There Once was a Demon, There Once was a Demon Who Fell, There Once was a Demon Who Loved. B/W, B/W/Other, B/W/T/Other.

All available at A Wuffara Archive

The Last Good Name Left

09/04/06     Six Easy Steps     15KB
Buffy/Faith. Lewis Carroll's Doublets: hate to love, six steps. In episode for Graduation Day, I.

10/21/06     Four Conversations     8KB
Willow/Faith. Scenes from a relationship.

05/04/08     Now You're Inside     15KB
Willow/Tara/Faith. Tara meets a stray in the park, and she follows Tara home.

Available at Passion & Perfection


11/06/03     Fun with Friction Series     52KB
File contains all three stories: Pants Day, Better Than Mochas & The Package.
Willow & Tara on a humorous high-hormone, uh, high. This series isn't exactly Dostoyevsky - Hell, it isn't even Pushkin on a vodka binge (~ wiccie's own explaination)

Available at The Mystic Muse

CN Winters

10/17/03 Making Sense & Making Plans 24KB
File contains all both stories. B/W set 10 years in the future.

Available at The Mystic Muse


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