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Amy Jo

02/29/04     Carpe Diem     142KB
Contains: On the Surface, Premature Breakdown, & She Loves Me. Catherine/Sara.

03/14/04   Novellus Expertus   22KB
Sara's in a good mood and life's about to get interesting. Catherine/Sara.

02/29/04   A Series of Shorts   24KB
Seven related shorts: Her Hand in Mine, Her Lips Against Mine, She Did Not Need to Speak, Take Me Home, Asleep in Her Arms, Speed Things Up, More Intimate Dance. Catherine/Sara.

All available at: Passion & Perfection


06/04/06     The Recovery     74KB
Catherine/Sara. Catherine's injured, Sara plays nurse.

06/11/06     Chicken Pox     44KB
Catherine/Sara. Catherine plays nursemaid.

06/11/06     Catherine/Sara Pair     10KB
Catherine/Sara. Contains: Muck and Mire & The Games People Play.

06/11/06     Sara/Sophia Pair     13KB
Catherine/Sara. Contains: Anatomy of an Affliction & Not a Good Day to Die.

06/20/06     The Yellow Bow Case     19KB
Catherine/Sara. It's all in the placement of little yellow bows...

06/20/06     CSI 3 Pack     7KB
Catherine/Sara. Contains: One Night Stand, The Morning After and Flight Plan (a Sassy fic).

10/14/07     The Seminar     8KB
Sara/Sophia & Nikki/Nora. Crossver with Nikki &: Nora.

All available at: Passion & Perfection


04/19/08     CSI Baker's Dozen (Sassy)     65KB
Sara/Sophia. Cellulose and...more cellulose, Bulletproof Love, A Conversation in the Rain, Differences, Dreams, Finding Something Better, Followed, A Matter of Definition, Once Upon a Midnight Dreary, Miniature Disasters, Are You Mocking Me?, Never Enough, and Trouble Me.

All available at: Passion & Perfection


03/11/06     How I Met Your Mother     24KB
Title kinda says it all. Catherine/Sara.

All available at: Passion & Perfection

Corbeau's Alcove

06/04/04   Perfect Match & Beat It   217KB
Bringing them together then expanding their relationship. Catherine/Sara.

Available at: Realm of the Shadow


05/23/04   She Makes Me Want To   117KB
Something happens to Sara that makes her realize Catherine's the one she's been searching for all along. Catherine/Sara.

Available at: Passion & Perfection


01/22/05   Arms of Mary   20KB
Available at: The FemSlash Advent Calendar 2004

05/28/06   5 Days and a Little Light Conversation   15KB

Available at: Passion & Perfection


08/01/04   Four Unrelated Shorts   19KB
Contains: Burned, Come Undone, Coming in Last, Toy. Catherine/Sara.

01/07/06   Authority Figures   5KB
Who wants whom. Sara/Sophia.

Available at: Realm of the Shadow


01/27/07   The Worst Part   61KB
Catherine takes some unexpected advice and decides to go to Sara’s and find out exactly why it is she is so upset by domestic violence cases.Catherine/Sara.

Available at: Passion & Perfection


03/05/06     Santa Who     KB
Catherine/Sara and various other fanfic pairings. A new holiday classic.

10/21/06     Cold Feet, Cold Case, Warm Hearts     408KB
Catherine/Sara. Minor crossover with SVU, Alex/Olivia. Grissom's moved on and guess who has control of the night shift?

Available at: Passion & Perfection


06/28/04   Got Plans?   17KB
An invitation for a beer leads to so much more. Catherine/Sara.

Available at: The Crass Menagerie


03/05/06  Butches & Femmes Anonymouses  6KB
Sara/Sophia & Catherine/Sara and various other fanfic pairs. Holiday stress.

04/21/06  CSI Pair  3KB
Sara/Catherine. Contains: Phone Intervention & Thong.

04/21/06  Eventually & Why  3KB
Sara/Sophia. Love through the eyes of a 3rd party.

06/11/06  CSI Shorts  29KB
Sara/Sophia. Contains: Women in Black, Unacceptable Lies, The Small Things, Seeking Advice, It's the Same Side, Pole to Pole, It's Only Sex, Options, Matt or Ben?, Fevered, Clinging to the Lie, Don't Call Me Stupid, & Coming to an Agreement.

Available at: Passion and Perfection

Del Robinson

03/05/06  Who Killed Santa  23KB
Catherine/Sara and various other fanfic pairs. A holiday mystery.

Available at: Passion and Perfection


03/17/07  Confined, or The Cath Empire  38KB
Catherine/Sara. Sara is stuck between a rock and a hard place…

Available at: Passion and Perfection


01/29/06   Drinking Games and Happy Birthday, Doc!   35KB
Unrelated pair. Catherine/Sara.

Available at: Shatterstorm Productions

Stone Angel

01/15/05   The Gift   54KB
Crossover with SVU. Catherine/Olivia with shades of Catherine/Sara and Olivia/Alex. Christmas shopping gets interesting.

Available at: Passion & Perfection

A. Magiluna Stormwriter

06/04/06   Thorns And All Series   32KB
Sara/Sophia. Past, Present, Future

10/21/06   Five Reasons Sara Hates Sofia   4KB
Sara/Sophia. The five reasons Sara Sidle hates Sofia Curtis.

Available at: Passion & Perfection

The Last Good Name Left

07/23/06   Stray Conversations & Stray Friends   53KB
Sara/Catherine. It's all about perspective.

Available at: Passion & Perfection


01/30/05   Something To Come Home To   9KB
Catherine/Sara. UST breaks loose.

04/14/06   Business or Pleasure   6KB
Sara/Alex. Crossover with SVU. Another place for Alex to be sent for WPP.

06/04/06   Sassy Pair   3KB
Sara/Sophia. Contains: Humpty Dumpty & Quirks.

Available at: Frisked and Conquered


11/12/07   Can't Help Myself   94KB
Catherine/Sara. Sara's leaving Las Vegas, but her past follows her.

09/21/08   The Replacements   22KB
Catherine/Sara. Catherine finds out what Sara does on her nights off. Warning: Angst and anti-fluff.

Available at: Passion and Perfection


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