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February 27, 2011

First Impressions - by Ann

It was a Tuesday; Jane remembered because it was spaghetti night and she'd flicked sauce on her white blouse when she'd rolled the last of her spaghetti around her fork. When she'd gotten the call to take the lead investigation on a homicide involving a prominent defense attorney, she'd headed directly to the scene and hadn't bothered stopping by her apartment to change. She had no idea she'd be standing boot to stiletto with the new medical examiner. Jane felt like a vagrant next to the shorter woman who was dressed as if she were readying to walk down a Paris runway.

"Detective Jane Rizzoli," she introduced herself. "Looks like Barnes was shot at close range. Might be personal if someone was able to get so close."

"I won't be able to determine the exact distance between the shooter and victim until I've performed my autopsy," Maura Isles returned as she carefully squatted down next to the dead attorney. "I'm Doctor Maura Isles," she said as an afterthought. Jane's eyes strayed to a firm thigh and then followed the smooth muscle to the edge of the ME's designer dress that had ridden up when the other woman had reached across the body to remove a white feather.

"That's odd," Maura said, holding up the feather for closer inspection. "A white feathered Indian Blue peacock." That snapped Jane's attention from a shapely thigh to a pair of sharp, intelligent eyes. Jane couldn't tell if there were gray or green, or maybe even hazel. "So, what?" she asked with a trace of sarcasm. "A big assed peacock shot the guy?"

"What?" Maura asked in all seriousness. Her brow wrinkled in confusion. "Of course not." She wondered how the other woman had ever passed her detective exam.

Jane snorted. "Oh, this is going to be fun." The last ME had been a real bore. He ignored everything Jane had ever said to him and had zero personality.

"Fun?" Maura's frown deepened. How could murder be fun?

"Trust me, Doctor Isles. You and I are going to get along just fine." Jane pointed at the feather. "A peacock isn't exactly your average pet. You have any idea where someone might find one around here?" Maura shrugged. "They would need to buy it from a breeder, but I wouldn't think there would be any peacock breeders in the Boston area."

"Care to help me see if there are? Then I can watch you do the autopsy," Jane suggested, although Maura wasn't one hundred percent certain that it was really a suggestion.

"Sure," she said with a smile. No one had actually asked for her help in a case before, other than to hurry up a test or file a report.

Jane returned the doctor's smile and reached out her hand. Maura looked at it momentarily before she took hold and allowed Jane to help her to her feet.

Maura Isles was going to be the biggest challenge Jane had ever faced. She couldn't wait.

The End

January 1, 2011

A Whole Lot of Lava Going On - by Ann

Sabrina leans over to water the corner plant when she is once again wrapped up from behind by her amorous lover. She is just able to stop herself from spilling the container of water all over the floor and nearby couch.

Frustrated, she turns in the arms of her lover and says "Kelly, stop that right now. We're supposed to water Bosley's plants and feed the cat. Can't you wait until we get home."

Kelly whines "But Bree, you know how turned on I get when you bend over like that. C'mon Bosley will never know, and it's about time this couch was used for something other than watching TV."

Standing firm in her resolve by removing herself from the embrace, Sabrina answers "Oh, no. We are not doing it on Bosley's couch. I will never be able to sit on it again in mixed company."

When Sabrina turns to water a second plant, Kelly grabs the container and puts in on a nearby table. A stunned Sabrina looks on as she is tackled, and the two land dead center on the couch with a victorious Kelly on top.

Once Kelly begins to kiss Sabrina, the surrender commences. Shoes and clothes are thrown in every direction. It doesn't take long for the couch to start rocking and the moans to increase in volume and intensity.

Frightened, the cat takes off up the stairs with a bra looped around his head. The nearby table begins to vibrate as the couch pushes steadily against it, but the two are totally oblivious to anything but each other.

At the height of climax, the lava lamp falls from the table and shatters on the floor spilling water and silicon oil along the way. The two angels scream out their release as the 'lava' continues to flow.

Lying in each others arms, Kelly leans over to assess the damage. Turning back to Sabrina, she asks "When exactly did you say Bosley was returning from vacation?"

The End

November 6, 2010

Reassurance - by D.S.

Just an aneuryism, she confirmed. Suspicious death, unsuspicious cause.

As Maura had observed before, the detectives reacted to the news with mixed emotions. Weren't they glad that someone hadn't been victimized? a confused Maura had once asked her friend.

"Well, yeah, of course," Jane had responded. "But, you know, it's like you get up for the big game, and then the other team forfeits."

Maura actually didn't know (no one had ever forfeited one of her fencing matches), but she had nodded as if she did.

At the present moment, she had other concerns. There had been none of the usual banter this morning, just an awkward silence from Jane as Korsak and Frost poked at each other. Maura desperately wanted to talk about it, but, as she often experienced, she couldn't figure out how to broach the subject. Jane wanted to talk, too, Maura suspected; she hadn't said anything, but she hadn't left with the others.

Best to just come out with it, Maura decided, before Jane dropped her gown on the counter and bolted. Turning to place her scalpel in the sterilizer, she said quietly, "I didn't mean to upset you."

Jane glanced at the open doorway, verifying that her colleagues were well on their way back to the squad room.

"You didn't upset me," she replied.

"Well, obviously I did," Maura pointed out, "because you stopped . . . doing what you were doing." And at the worst possible moment.

It was irrefutable logic, which the detective acknowledged by not claiming otherwise. Instead, she stepped closer and looked again toward the entrance, which was rather unnecessary since no one could possibly hear them.

"Look, I told you. I've never done it before," Jane said. "I can do better. I can read an article or something, or…"

Surprised, Maura said, "You were doing wonderfully." A memory surfaced of reaching down to run her fingers through Jane's lovely hair, arching her back as Jane attended to her. "Quite wonderfully, in fact." Quite, quite wonderfully.

"Maura, you don't tell someone not to feel inadequate right in the middle of . . ." She gestured vaguely with her hand. ". . . you know, unless they're being inadequate."

"That's not true," Maura insisted. "You were concerned that you might not be good at it. I was trying to reassure you."

"I never said I wouldn't be good at it," Jane said defensively.

"No, but you were concerned," Maura replied. "It was obvious from your demeanor. And since you were good at it, I thought you'd want to know."

Jane stared at her, then finally held out a palm. "Okay, Maura, this is what you get when you diagnose people."

"Yes," Maura realized. "Discomfort."

"Call it that, whatever."

"No, I mean literally. I was . . . very close . . . when you got out of bed," Maura said. And, in the rush of slipping on a robe and trying to catch Jane before the front door slammed, she hadn't thought to finish the job herself.

Jane's expression softened. "Oh, yeah?" She stepped closer and said with a smirk, "You were ready for the big game?"

"And you forfeited," Maura confirmed.

"And how about now?"

"I'm at work now."

Jane took another step toward her. "We could still play . . . ."

She pondered Jane's meaning. Any time she was this close to Jane and they weren't in the middle of a crisis, her body tended to take notice. It wouldn't take long…

"I do owe you one," Jane continued. Gently urging the medical examiner behind the screen, she eased a hand beneath Maura's skirt...

The End

July 19, 2008

The What? - by ralst

Ash peered suspiciously at her blonde companion, the grin on the other woman's face far too self satisfied for anyone's good. "What have you done, Scribbs?"

"Nothing." The blonde's smile only grew. "Nothing at all."

There was a pause during which Ash used her formidable powers of intimidation to stare down her flaky counterpart. "What have you done?"

"Nothing! Really." Scribbs' smile just would not stay hidden, no matter how hard she tried to conceal her mirth. "It's just that... Well, it's the IDF."

"The IDF? Is that some new terrorist organisation? Has there been an alert?"

"No." Scribbs tried not to notice how sexy her friend became during times of excitement. "It's short for the 'International Day of Femslash'."

"The International Day of what?"


"Femslash?" Ash looked confused. "What exactly is femslash?"

"It's..." Scribbs looked around furtively. "It's that thing where you and I banter and flirt and then end up in bed together going at it like bunnies."


"Well, yeah, but more specific than that."

"Low cleavage days?"

"Those too."

The look of confusion had become a permanent fixture on Ash's face. "Are you trying to tell me that someone has initiated an international day of celebration just so you and I can get naked and fool around?"

"Yep." Scribbs looked far too pleased with herself. "But not just us, others would get to join in and..."

"I do not do threesomes!" Blood shot to Ash's cheeks and she looked ready to strangle someone. "What is my one rule about monogamy, Scribbs?"

"Stay faithful or die a slow and painful death?" Scribbs guessed.

"I prefer to use the terms writhing in agony and torturous death but I think you've got the gist."

Scribbs' smile dimmed for a moment before reasserting itself. "I didn't mean we'd have sex with other people," she reassured, "but that other couples would get to celebrate as well."

"I see." Ash still looked suspicious.

"Come on, Ash, you know I'd never look at another woman." Scribbs employed her puppy-dog look number five. "We're made for each other."

Ash fought against the power of the puppy-dog look. "Words are cheap," she said, barely managing to hold back a smile, "so you'd better make sure your actions during the 'International Day of Femslash' back them up."

"Don't worry," said Scribbs, her voice descending to its most seductive. "I'm going to make the International Day of Femslash a day you'll never forget."

June 21, 2008

A Click of the Mouse - by Ann

"Oh my God." JJ leaned heavily against the desk, her face white as a sheet. She willed her friend to find some way, any way, to correct the horrible mistake she'd made.

"Hey, don't get upset just yet, JJ; the great and powerful Garcia has only just begun. Besides, I passed him in the hall on the way to your office. He hasn't had time to open his e-mail yet." She finished with a quiet mutter. "I hope."

"Garcia, you've got to get it back!"

"What does Garcia need to get back? The Imagine Me and You DVD she borrowed last month?" Emily stepped into JJ's office, having just caught the tail end of the conversation. It had been the perfect opportunity to remind the technical analyst about returning her favorite movie.

"Oops, sorry Emily. I've been meaning to get it back to you, but damn, Lena Headey is hot. I watch a clip or two every night before bed." She grinned in memory. "Especially the make-out scenes."

"What about Kevin?" Emily smiled. Lena really was smoking hot.

"Who? Oh yeah, Kevin. He's still around." Garcia's fingers flew across the keyboard, her eyes glued to the rapidly changing screen.

"Forget Kevin! Hotch cannot see that e-mail!"

"What e-mail?" Emily moved closer to her distressed lover. JJ was practically shaking in her Pradas - literally her Pradas. She briefly wondered when JJ had managed to steal the boots from her closet.

"The one I accidentally sent to Hotch instead of you."

"How'd you do that?" Emily frowned. Neither E nor P was anywhere near A or H.

"If doesn't matter how; what matters is that Garcia is able to retrieve it."

"So you sent an intradepartmental e-mail to Hotch. What's so bad about that?" Emily didn't understand the problem. Wouldn't JJ have 'CC:ed' Hotch anyway?

JJ spared a glance at Garcia, noting the intense concentration on the other woman's face. She temporarily forgot the technical analyst was the Queen of Multitasking - able to perform extremely difficult troubleshooting tasks and still be perfectly aware of her surroundings.

"Um, you remember last month when I e-mailed you a very detailed list and then made sure every item on the list came true." JJ leaned closer to her lover, keeping her voice low. Garcia stifled her grin when she noted the dreamy smile that had formed on Emily's lips.

"Oh yeah, I had no idea a five-course meal could taste so good." She failed to mention the location of the meal or the various 'serving' surfaces JJ had provided.

"Well, this was another one of those," JJ made air quotes, "lists."

"Shit!" Emily slid next to Garcia and placed a hand on the analyst's shoulder. "You get that e-mail back, and the DVD is yours."

Garcia grinned and easily retrieved the e-mail she'd already had her eye on. Lena was as good as hers.

April 19, 2008

Obsession with Body Parts - by atfm


"You're wearing your hair down today."

"I'm perfectly aware of how I'm wearing my hair, but thanks for pointing it out, Scribbs."

"I can't see your ears."

"Why would you want to see my ears?"

"I like them. They're all cute and protruding."

"Do you have an ear fetish?"

"No! It's just your ears I like."

"Well, I'm glad you enjoy looking at my ears."

"I don't just want to look. Seeing those ears makes me want to push you up against a wall and lick them."

"Charming. And highly inappropriate. Are you sure you don't have an ear fetish?"

"Quite sure."


"Would you wear your hair up tomorrow so I can see your ears?"

"If you stop babbling about them now, I'll wear my hair up tomorrow."

"In a bun?"

"In a bun."

"Will you also let me lick your ears?"

"Go home, Scribbs."

February 3, 2008

Slippery Slope - by Fewthistle
Author's Note: Written for the Whoops! Challenge at the Thursdays100 LiveJournal community. Serena's last day, Borgia's first. It could happen *g*.

First day of her new job. Alex Borgia should have guessed that the floor was slick. She could see the gleaming reflection of the lights.

She was fine until the middle of the lobby. It happened in slow motion. First her right foot went west. Then her left went east. There was no way to slow the inevitable slide. Good thing she was wearing a skirt. Pants would have split in two, just like her legs.

“You'd get a 9.5 from the East German judge. Great form.” A hand reached down and she found herself staring into the amused eyes of her predecessor, Serena Southerlyn. “Just don't let Jack know you're that flexible. Anywhere.”

January 1, 2008

Rules to Live By - by Fewthistle

Detective Inspector Kate Ashurst watched her partner, Sergeant Emma Scribbins leave the station house, coat bundled tight, multi-colored scarf wrapped around her neck. It seemed that Ash was always watching Scribbs leave, off for a few pints with a mate, or on one of her ubiquitous dates.

It wasn't that Ash didn't get out herself. She did.

A drink with Scribbs. A curry with Scribbs. An occasional movie with Scribbs.

It just seemed that she spent more time alone than was truly necessary, but she didn't know quite what do to about it. The offers to have dinner with the right sort of man were few and far between these days, and heaven knows, she couldn't ask a man out herself.

There were rules about that sort of thing.

To Ash, there were rules about everything. Rules were important. They brought order to a chaotic world. They provided stability and security. They kept people in their proper categories.

Helpful rules like not asking a man out on a date. Necessary rules that said that public displays of affection were crass. Rules that relegated children to nurseries and the occasional pantomime.

Rules that strictly forbid one from falling in love with one's partner. One's female partner. One's chatty, impertinent, adorable partner who never willingly followed any rules, unless forced to do so.

Good rules.

Rules to live by.

Except that Ash was having a difficult time managing that last one. For the first time in her life, watching Scribbs' slender figure disappear down the sidewalk, Ash was seriously considering reconsidering one of her rules. She just wasn't certain what rule she could replace it with.

Maybe a rule against letting on that one had fallen in love with one's female partner.

If Ash had only known that she had already broken that one as well.

February 18 ,2006

Summer (The Final of Season's Drabbles) - by ncruuk

She'd always noticed summer – you couldn't live in the City and not notice the cloying heat, the thickening air, the soaring temperatures as air conditioners progressively failed and tempers frayed. It was hard to ignore, unavoidable and inescapable…only now, now it was a good thing…

When the third juror fainted, court was adjourned until the temperature dropped…once, Alexandra Cabot would have been livid, having her cross examination disrupted…but now, now she understood the beauty of lazy summer afternoons – they began with ice cream and ended with cool cotton sheets…but were all about Olivia Benson, the woman she loved…

January 27, 2006

Spring (The Third of Season's Drabbles) - by ncruuk

She tried to notice it, to pay attention, but somehow, every year, Alexandra Cabot managed to miss Spring. Sure, she switched her clocks to Daylight Savings every year and occasionally managed to see her apartment without needing to turn on the lights, but the birdsong and the blossom – she missed all that, until…

…until she ate a Street-dog, sitting on a bench in Central Park, dropping mustard on her coat, enjoying the weak sunshine and Olivia Benson's laughter, the sound mingling with the birdsong…

Alex looks forward to Spring now…listens for the birdsong, watches for the blossom…

January 14, 2006

Winter (The Second of Season's Drabbles) - by ncruuk

Just because her colouring suggested Scandinavian heritage didn't mean that Alexandra Cabot liked cold, snowy weather and City winters – as far as she was concerned, winter was all about runny noses and handkerchiefs, chapped, frozen lips, and hot chocolate…She'd always had hot chocolate in winter, ever since she was a child, it was what she drank to warm her lips and frozen fingers…until she fell in love with Olivia Benson…

Alexandra Cabot still drinks hot chocolate, but now it's just a drink…she has other ways to warm her lips and a lover who never lets her fingers freeze…

December 3, 2006

Fall (The First of Season's Drabbles) - by ncruuk

Alexandra Cabot was not normally one to waste time debating her clothing choices, trusting the quality of her tailoring and being naturally decisive...but not when the weather was conspiring against her...did she wear the soft wool overcoat or just risk the autumnal wind in her suit jacket?

"You should have brought your coat Alex…" chastised Olivia gently, draping her leather jacket over Alex's shoulders, not feeling the cold wind.

Snuggling into her lover's jacket, Alex began to melt - she should have worn her coat, but Olivia's warmed more than just her body, it warmed her heart as well.

October 21, 2006

This is the End - by Geonn
(SG-1) - Apocalypse Challenge

Everyone gave her a wide berth, quietly making sure she had coffee refills. She mostly sat quietly in her lab and held her head in her hands.

Daniel finally breached her fortress. "Hey," he said.

"Hey," she sighed, wiping her cheeks.

"You gonna to be okay?"

"No," she breathed.

Daniel put a cup of coffee on the edge of the table and bit his lip. "You know... Sam... Jell-O comes in lots of colors."

"It's not the same," Sam sighed. "Why did they have to discontinue blue?!"

Daniel shook his head. For once, he didn't have an answer for her.

August 5, 2006

Conspiracy - by kimly

Alex slipped into the passenger seat of the idling squad car. "There's no way in hell this is official business. You can't be staking out the Manhattan courthouse."

Olivia pushed her sun glasses on top of her head and looked over at the ADA. "It's official all right. I'm on a mental health break." She repositioned her glasses.

"Elliot getting on your last nerve?"


"And this is new and different, how?"

"Two, solid weeks of 100 plus? It's a conspiracy."


"The moneyed elite and the feds are in bed together, don'tcha know. Global warming due to the administration's environmental policies is actually lining the pockets of the deodorant stockholders' portfolios."

"You're kidding me."

"He has graphs."

July 9, 2006

Cognitive Dissonance - by theholyinnocent

The voice crackled over the phone. In between static threads of noise an apology was being conveyed; regret and penance on an endless, jarring loop.

Painfully aware of what she was hearing as opposed to what she was experiencing, Alex tightly gripped the phone. Her own silence bellowed through the line. She thought of John Cage.

"So," Serena concluded, "maybe I was being a little... premature."

Alex forced a soft syllable. "Sure."

"Is this a bad time? God, is Branch in your office again?"

"Yes." Alex told herself it was not lying; technically, she was responding to the first question alone. "I'm kind of--buried under work right now." Again, factually correct. Tie my right hand to the Bible.*

"I'll let you go, then. We'll talk later, okay?"

"Yes," Alex repeated. She could not bear the implied intimacy of Serena's huskily uttered bye.

She let the cell phone slip out of her fingers, knowing that it would only plop gently into the tortured mass of clothing beside the bed, knowing that the sound would not awake Olivia, who, after a night of sex, gin, & tonic, could sleep through an earthquake, and who now lay snoring and sprawled atop Alex, and who was, apparently, always waiting to be reclaimed by Alex, if only for a night.

*This line stolen from a song by Metric, "Too Little Too Late."

May 28, 2006

The Upside - by geonn
(SG-1, Motorcycles Challenge)

Janet hated Sam's bike. How dangerous it was, how likely an accident was, how Sam was just an inch away from death or serious injury every time she rode it.

But the upside... the silver lining to the storm cloud...

Those pants. Whenever Sam strutted out of the bedroom wearing those leather pants, her leather jacket loose around her shoulders... Janet forgave the obsession.

The best part about the pants was every time Janet saw her in them, she came up with another activity that would keep Sam off the bike for several hours.

It didn't involve wearing pants, however.

April 23, 2006

Untitled PWP - by TremblingMoon

Fingers intertwined and bodies pressed together, Kelly pushed Tracey into the wall so hard that the air forced from her lungs rushed out in an audible gasp. Overwhelmed by desire, Kelly untangled her fingers from Tracey’s and felt her hand, as if of its own volition, slip rapidly beneath the brunette’s skirt, rolling down her stockings just enough to slide her underwear aside and press into the other woman in one, clean stroke. Tracey moaned—a rich, sensual sound, so different from her usual, tightly controlled, clipped speech. But it was the whimper that followed, a noise born out of need but which offered complete surrender, that made Kelly weak in the knees, her fingers deep in wet heat and lips kissing irregular patterns over Tracey’s neck and shoulders.

March 25, 2006

Guilty Pleasures - by newbie_2u
(SVU, Drabble Challenge on ob_fangrrl)

“Rare steak, dry martinis, and unfiltered cigarettes.”

Turning toward the voice Olivia looks up at an unfamiliar man. “Excuse me?”

“Those are my guilty pleasures. I was hoping you might tell me yours…”

Quickly glancing just behind his shoulder Olivia answers. “Well, lets see, lazy weekends, stolen kisses…”

She pauses and her answer seems to please the gentleman who smiles and moves closer.

“…and short Armani skirts.”

At the confused look this final answer garners Olivia leans around him. “Hey sweetheart.”

Moving aside he watches in dawning recognition as a gorgeous blonde in a short Armani skirt steals a kiss.

March 5, 2006

Locum Tenens - by Fewthistle
(Law & Order: TBJ)

Tracey's tongue slipped out, just the tip of it tasting slowly, almost reverently. A low moan left her, one that Kelly, lying in her bed in the grayish silver light of coming dawn, had dreamt of hearing.

Kelly watched, entranced, as Tracey leaned forward, capturing the creamy liquid, drawing it into her mouth. Another moan slipped out, this one more hedonistic than the last. Kelly could feel it down to her toes.

"Sure you don't want some?" Tracey asked, gesturing to the waffle-cone full of coffee ice cream in her hands. "It'll cool you off."

"No, thanks," Kelly said politely, well aware that, after watching Tracey, it would take more than ice cream to cool her off.

February 5, 2006

Revenge is a Cocktail Best Served Shaken, and Not Stirred [since I couldn't fit this into the drabble it had to serve as the title...] - by theholyinnocent
{BG - Spot On Challenge (100 words)}

“Relentless,” Nikki slurred over a third appletini.

There was nothing quite like catching up with your ex, particularly the one that broke your heart. Never mind that later you have a date with an Argentinean dancer. Trisha allowed Nikki to continue.

“…from the first, she was all over me. Begging: ‘Please, Nikki, I want to be alone with you.’”

“Need to work on that accent. You make her sound like Ewan McGregor.”

“I mean, I had to put her off—‘What about your position?’ She didn’t care. She was completely horny.”

“I see. Nik?”


“She’s standing right behind you.”

January 22, 2006

Dirty Work - by Fewthistle
{BG - Remainder Challenge/Comedy Challenge/Dialogue Challenge}

“Yes, Helen, right there. Don’t move.”

"I’m not moving, sweetheart. How long do you think that this is going to take?”

“You could help a little more, you know.”

“Hey, I’m the one down here, doing all the dirty work.”

“You offered. I didn’t force you. If you’d close your gob, and focus, I could finish a lot quicker. Yes, there. Hold steady right there. Yesssss.”


“Yeah. Finally.”

“So, can I get up now? I have a cramp in my arm, and my hands are filthy.”

“God, such a whiny wench. We didn’t have to do this at all you know. Next time the sink breaks, just call a bloody plumber, alright?”

January 7, 2006

The Big Bad Wolf Takes a Meeting - by DiNovia
{SVU - Fairy Tales Challenge}

Olivia Benson crossed The Fourth Wall, entering the world of The Audience, aka 100 Universal City Plaza. She didn't believe it really existed but desperate times called for desperate measures.

"I'm here for someone called Wolf." She flashed her badge and was led down a hall.

"Highly unusual, Detective," frowned the producer. "Can I help you?"

Olivia pointed. "Fix this."

Dick Wolf noted a photograph of a blonde Casey Novak.


"'Little Red Riding Hood' ring a bell? Fix this or be gutted like the Big Bad Wolf."

Pale, Wolf grabbed his phone. "Red, right? No problem."

Pleased, Liv left, eager to see her red-headed lover again. It was bad enough TPTB fucked non-stop with her hair but Casey? A bottle blonde?


October 1, 2005

Tequila with Lime - by Fewthistle
{TOS/SVU - It Seemed Like a Good Idea Challenge}

It had seemed like a good idea at the time. A drink or two with colleagues. Proof that she wasn’t an over-privileged prude. She was fine through the seventh tequila shot. After that, things were hazy. Distorted, like being underwater.

Now, Serena lay in bed, each slight movement agony. Eventually, the crawl-through-the-desert thirst defeated the pickaxe-to-the-forehead pain and she opened her eyes a crack. Turning her head, it took a moment for her unfocused gaze to focus on the gleam of red hair on the pillow beside her.

“Fuck.” From prissy rich girl to lesbian slut in less than ten tequila shots. It must be a new land record, even for her. So much for good ideas.

September 25, 2005

Arresting - by trancer
{SVU - Arresting Challenge}

“Are you arresting me?” Alex held her wrists together.

“Have you been bad?”

“I plead the fifth.”

Olivia leaned in close, until Alex was trapped between Olivia and the wall. “I’ve heard pleading the fifth is an admission of guilt.”

“Depends on your definition of guilty, or your idea of punishment.”

Olivia answered by snapping her handcuffs around Alex’s wrists. The ADA gasped slightly, at the sensation of being bound, of being at Olivia’s mercy. With one hand, Olivia pulled Alex’s arms above her head, pinning them against the wall. With the other, she began frisking Alex in a manner Alex was pretty certain they didn’t teach at the Academy.

“Don’t worry counselor,” she growled before nibbling on an earlobe. “You’ll be adequately punished. And I’m very, very good at my job.”


August 28, 2005

What Happens in Vegas... - by aqua blurr

Olivia blinked into flashing lights that skimmed the surface of her alcohol-numbed body. The last thing she remembered was shaking hands with a one-armed bandit and downing yet another drink brought her by someone who was not a showgirl. She recognized the smell of an alley polluted with the effluvia of drunkards. She stank.

Olivia's blurred vision filled with a once-beautiful blonde carrying her good looks like a designer bag and a leggy brunette who rolled on her heels and swayed forward again. The two women squinted in the dark at her prone figure and turned to each other, proclaiming simultaneously, "My case!"

July 17, 2005

Gluttony - by Meesh

The wine certainly had been flowing within the walls of the Fraiser residence. The majority of the celebrations had now ended however, and the guests departed as the night grew late.

Only one guest remained, kneeling on the floor by the coach, a glass of champagne in hand; toasting the birthday girl.

"Happy birthday Janet." Sam waved her half empty flute in the air toasting Janet.

"Thanks Sam. Uh… don't you think you've had enough to drink?" Janet enquired sleepily from the couch.

Sam shook her head firmly, no.

'I'm still too chicken to tell you I love you.'

June 19, 2005

Missing Us - by eyah

Before I knew her…I was “me.” And “me” was…um…okay. I was dedicated to my work. I was hard when I had to be. And that was acceptable, because I was soft sometimes too.

Then she came into my life. Just as fierce as I was. She was more regal…more polished.

The day she went to jail for a case, I knew. I knew we were more alike than I had thought.

We still fought as much as we got along. But our passionate natures were unmistakable. There was just so much that we both believed strongly in.

Then, somehow, we became “us.” And “we” were beautiful together. So perfect. We balanced each other. When work threatened to overtake me, she was my escape. I found my solace in her arms. I lost my heart to her before I knew it had happened. And somehow she made everything okay.

Had I only known…that our moments were numbered…I would have memorized every one. Because now she’s gone and memories are all I have of her. And they play in my mind like a steady reel of old home movies…yellowed and scratchy…with a sweetness and nostalgia that makes your heart break. I have cried more than I ever thought I could and my throat is still tight with unshed tears.

And I miss the other half of “us.” I am just “me” again. But suddenly, “me” doesn’t feel complete.

May 22, 2005

Fellow Travelers - by Fewthistle
{The Mothership - Holidays Challege}

Ed Green lay on the beach and let the caressing warmth of the sun’s rays seep into his very bones. After being shot and feeling the cold hand of Death grasping his own, he had needed this.

His benefactress lay to his right. The invitation had been surprising, but given both their circumstances, somehow fitting.

Suddenly, he felt the sharp jab of a fingertip in his shoulder.

“Hottie at two o’clock,” his companion stated efficiently.

Swiveling his head, he saw the delectable creature strolling along the edge of the water.

Turning his head back around, he met the blue eyes of Serena Southerlyn over the tops of her sunglasses.

“Flip you for her,” Ed challenged with a grin.

April 23, 2005

Devil’s Advocate - by Fewthistle
{The Mothership - Over the Hill Challenge, Part Two - see Part 1}

The rain sluice down umbrellas and pummeled the earth, throwing up arcs of spray and mud. It wasn’t freezing yet, but still, it was a bitterly cold day.

Only two mourners remained by the tarp covered grave. The others had gone as soon as the priest had intoned the final “Amen”.

“Despite everything, he was a good man,” Governor Southerlyn said sadly.

“He just couldn’t stand to lose,” replied Justice Ross.

“Hopefully, wherever he is, he found a favorable judge,” Serena mused, a sad smile on her face.

“Come on, Governor, let’s go have a Scotch for him,” Jamie urged, her hand on Serena’s elbow.

“So long, Jack. The prosecution rests.”

April 2, 2005

Unraveling - by theholyinnocent
{SVU - Post-'Ghost' Challenge}

It wasn’t supposed to happen. Which, of course, meant that it did.

It wasn’t supposed to be anything but a futile attempt at reclamation. It wasn’t supposed to be anything but Alex hearing her real name, spoken tremulously, bathed in sex, where words break apart like glass, shattering and shimmering upon impact.

Afterward, Olivia lay entombed in the slab-like hotel bed while Alex traced the lines of her cheekbones; that single gesture unraveled a flimsy heart sorely unprepared for another loss.

“So.” Triumphant but tender, Alex smiled in the dark.


“What the hell have you done to your hair?”

March 20, 2005

Header - by Cabenson
{SVU - Newspaper Challenge}

Elliot grabbed the newspaper from Munch’s hands and walked to his desk, shaking his head angrily after scanning the headlines.

“ADA SLAID,” he read aloud, staring at the grainy photograph of Alex Cabot and Abbie Carmichael. “Trashy rag can’t even spell correctly,” he said as he tossed the paper back at Munch.

“Actually, it wasn’t so much a spelling error as a spacing error. Look, if you move the 'S' back a space, what do you get?”

Elliot looked at the adjusted headline and impatiently recited, “ADAS LAID. For God’s sake, John! How the hell do you come up with that?”

“Guess who’s in the background of that picture?”

Munch passed the paper to Elliot and watched as a smile formed on the younger detective’s face.


“That’s our Liv.”

February 13, 2005

Dad's Mad - by noir moll
{SVU - Alex: the early years Challenge}

"Do you even realize how serious this is?"

"It's only a speeding ticket, Dad."

"You were twenty over the limit! On top of that, you insulted the patrolman!"

"He said 'girls' my age had no business driving 'German performance sedans'." Never mind that the '70s-model Bimmer with faded paint and a rusted fender was well past its prime.

"A traffic stop is no time for that audacious streak to rear its head, Alex. Bar examiners look into these things, you know."

She was sure plenty of other law students had gotten away with worse but, for once, she decided not to argue. "I know."

"And, another thing, Miss Aspiring Prosecutor. It would be wise for someone with a future miserable with cops to drop 'Barney Fife' from her lexicon."

January 30, 2005

New Job - by justcybele
{SVU - Alternates Challenge}

“I go into Witness Protection, I give up my entire life, and this is the best you can come up with?” Alex hissed at Hammond.

He spoke calmly. “There’s certainly no danger of anyone connecting you with your former life, Miss Cabot. And this way, the entire Democratic Party is invested in keeping your presence off the radar.”

“You made me a prostitute!”

“A Superwhore,” Geller contributed.

“And who is this candidate you’re putting up? Because I’ll tell you right now –”

“That’s yet to be determined,” Lassiter intervened smoothly. “We’ll tell you as soon as we know, of course.”

“I don’t believe this,” Alex muttered under her breath. “This had just better be the year the Democrats put a woman candidate up for President.”

January 16, 2005

Identity Crisis - by theholyinnocent
{SVU - Serena Challenge}

Fuck it, she thought.

For one night, Serena sloughed off the humiliation of failure, seeking comfort in what she knew: The bar—her bar—and its denizens. There she would find acceptance in a beer on the house, a gentle hand on her shoulder, a sympathetic wince. And later she would attain the state of forgetting while pinned under the body of a beautiful yet familiar stranger, whose hands and mouth traversed her body with astonishing confidence.

And yet, something niggled. “Wait,” Serena gasped.

The groping stopped.

“Is this because I was an ADA?”

Olivia blinked drunkenly. “Whaddya mean, ‘was’?”

January 9, 2005

Dashboard Confessional - by Nic
{SVU - Religion Challenge}

Waiting in line was the worst part. At twelve years old, standing in her Sunday Best on the worn carpet, she never understood why she needed to repent. And where was the anonymity, standing with other awkward preteens awaiting a similar fate?

There was no line this time.

"Alex." A rushed whisper.

She hushed her companion with a kiss, her fingers dipping inside. Olivia pushed against the wall in the confessional and lifted her hips, her jeans long since pushed to her ankles.

"Fuck… Alex, this is so wrong."

"Shhh." Her fingers found Olivia’s clit. "Confession’s not for another hour."

December 19, 2004

Appeasing Donnelly - by rainbowreyes
{SVU - Mistletoe Challenge}

"Hey Alex, I have the Mankozki paperwork you wanted."

Alex looked up from her desk. "Great. Thanks."

Olivia spotted something over Alex’s head and came closer to investigate. "Alex, is that mistletoe?"

Alex nodded. "Donnelly said my office was too depressing, so she gave that to me to put up."

"So you put it over your desk?"

"You know how people will demand a kiss by spouting tradition. I figured I could avoid that and appease Donnelly this way."

Olivia smiled. "Alex, you know how I love disproving your theories?"

Alex smiled. "Of course. Why?"

Olivia grinned, then leaned down and kissed Alex quickly on the lips.

"Maybe you should consider putting that over your bookcase." Olivia offered, turning to leave.

"Nah." Alex smiled. "Come back any time."

December 12, 2004

Sangria Kisses & Monogamy Dreams - by Heathers
{SVU - Kinky Crossover}

They’d discussed it—coolly—over sangria and tapas and as dusk cascaded across the city, they descended upon her.

Olivia watched as Alex kissed her, a reluctant exchange of wine-rouged lips and apricot gasps.

She should have said no, she thought as Olivia fucked her, Alex pressed against her side rocking against Olivia’s thigh.

But this was not something to be missed.

Her lips moved against Olivia’s ear but the sound didn’t carry. Alex smiled against Olivia’s neck.

Lilly knew the lengths Olivia had gone to for Alex and when she found herself behind Alex plundering her depths, admiration dawned.

November 21, 2004

Fighting Evil with Evil - by aqua blurr
{SVU - Make It Go Away Challenge}

Benson leaned against the brick.

"Building gotcher ass?" Stabler smirked.

"El, I'm in trouble. Fuck!" She whirled around, beelining it to nowhere. He trotted after her, with Novak and Donnelly close behind.

"Whatever you did, call your union rep."

"He can't negotiate me out of Novak's fantasies." His eyes flashed comprehension. "I tried telling her I was straight."

Stabler rolled those same eyes. The attorneys rounded the corner. Benson ducked behind a trashcan as the sanitation worker collected it. Instinct took over, and Stabler crouched down and kissed her.

"Still not buying it, Detective Dyke," Novak bleated as they passed.

November 1, 2004

Bewitched, Bensoned, and Bewildered - by theholyinnocent
{SVU - Make It Go Away Challenge}

The first time had been funny. Maybe even a little sexy. The second time bewildering. The third, awkward. And now? She wasn’t sure if the blush creeping across Elliot’s face was a result of anger, desire, or both.

“You can’t do that any more,” he growled.

Olivia sighed. “I’m sorry.”

Elliot grew contrite. “It’s not like I don’t like it.” He chuckled. “I mean, you’re good.”

Now she blushed. “Thanks. But—I just can’t help it. I see the body bag—it just triggers it.”

He shook his head. “Liv, you gotta stop making out with Warner in the morgue.”

October 13, 2004

anyone for cheese? - by bluepoet
{SVU - Pick-up Lines Challenge}

“What’s a nice girl like you doing in a place like this?”

“Excuse me?” Alex asked, looking up to see Olivia slide into her booth.

“Well, I was gonna say, ‘Your eyes are blue like the ocean, and I’m lost at sea,’ but I didn’t think you went in for the cheesy pick-ups,” Olivia said, stealing a drink of Alex’s beer.

“Oh, you have no idea. What are you doing around 3am?”

“Sleeping. Why?”

“I'm wearing Colourstay lipstick. Want to help me test the claim it won't kiss off?” She shot Olivia a mischievous look.

“Alex, that was really bad,” Olivia said, laughing. “I never would have guessed you’re so cheesy.”

“Liv, I’m so Gouda. Want a bite?”

September 20, 2004

Night Calls - by Strav
{SVU - Telephone Challenge}

Olivia awoke to the sound of her phone ringing. Her bleary 'hello' was met with silence.

"Hello?" she repeated. Then, "if you don't say something I'm hanging up."

When no answer came, she ended the call and returned to bed.

**** ****

"Three times."

"Three times a night for the last four nights? Liv, you gotta do something."

Olivia agreed.

**** ****

At 2:15am the phone rang.


The silence on the other end came as no surprise.

"You should know that I'm tracing this call. If you don't speak now--"


Olivia froze at the voice.

"I don't want you to find me. I just needed to hear your voice. I'm sorry."

Olivia listened to the dial tone and wondered if she was dreaming.

September 5, 2004

Untitled - by nobunnies
{SVU - Fist Times Challenge}

Sitting patiently between Alex’s spread legs, Olivia stared at her lover’s face and gently waited for the OK. “You’ll like it,” Olivia promised.

“It just seems unscrupulous.”

“Want to hear a funny story?” Olivia asked, playfully running the thin blue vibrator over Alex’s bare stomach. “While investigating a case, I once interviewed this waitress who quipped to Elliot and me, ‘Women are better left to their own mechanical devices.’ ”

Alex giggled. “Really?”

“A lot of women use them,” Olivia continued. “And you know what? No matter what, you’ll still be ADA Cabot, a classy lady, who Detective Olivia Benson happens to love. ”

Alex breathed deeply, closed her eyes. “OK. Go for it.”

Fifteen minutes later, Alex flopped her head against the pillow and sighed, “A classy lady who has multiple orgasms.”

August 29, 2004

Untitled - by Bast
{SVU - Passing Challenge}

The lights of the morgue bounced off the chrome railing of the table and stabbed the weary red eyes of the two detectives. For the last half hour Bensen and Stabler had watched the M.E. perform her rituals like a tribal shamaness--holding their breath, waiting for the proof that would cinch their case.

With a practiced snap Warner divested herself of the surgical gloves and looked into the faces of her colleagues.

"I'm sorry. Judging from the trace debris adhereing to the rectal area, I'd say your perp passed the evidence a few hours ago."

"Shit!" Olivia swore.

"Exactly," said Warner.

August 22, 2004

Measure for Measure - by theholyinnocent
{SVU - Shakespeare Challenge}

OLIVIA: The Fates bring me the Fortune of the gutter,
Mine eyes, downcast, behold futility’s spin—
A fanciful orb—stale doughnut!

FIN: Foul and atrocious thing!
See how it lays, putrid and hard.
Lady, it doth besmirch thy fine character.

OLIVIA: O doughnut! Vexed I am.
Yet in innocence did I conspire to keep thy fresh.
Thy blind eye, doughnut, doeth not see—
he whose careless hand brought time’s crust upon thee.

FIN: The stout-hearted Elliot, while covetous,
would do no harm. But Alex—

OLIVIA: Speak no further!

FIN: I shall. Your wench is wicked.
Vainglorious is she, with Prada in her heart.

OLIVIA: And if true? Advise me thus.

FIN: Victorious she shall be this morn,
And prizes she shall seek. Look for
Powder’d sugar upon her lips.
Then, Lady, seize the moment—
and smack thy bitch up.

August 8, 2004

The Big Easy - by Bast

{SVU - Hurricane Alex Challenge}

The quarter was awash in neon lights, bodies packed close enough together to claim blood relation; the cacophony of speech and cajun dialect reminiscent of the Tower of Babel.

Alex and Olivia, on their first vacation together as friends, were enthralled. After several hours of bar hopping, they stumbled into Nic's. Hot jazz and cold drinks greeted them. Alex was, Olivia, noted, loosing all inhibition--casting aside her glasses and shoes, she began a slow grind on the baby grand to the cheers and whistles of the crowd.

Panting and flushed, she rejoined Olivia at the bar, who gave her a calculating look.

"Here. Have another Hurricane, Alex."

August 1, 2004

The Day After the Night Before - by Ki Finn

{SVU - Blackout Challenge}

“Where am I?”

"On my couch.”

“How did I get here?”

“That's a long story.”

“I have time. Why does blinking hurt?”

“That's part of it.”

“Why don't you start at the beginning?”

“Once upon a time...”


“I can't tell your story.”

“Don't be difficult.”

“I'm not, philosophically speaking...”

“Let's not speak philosophically, or rhetorically or hypothetically. Just tell me how I got here.”

“Twelve hours ago you were in a wet t-shirt contest. First prize was a hundred dollar bar tab which you gladly drank.”

“How did I get into a wet t-shirt contest?”

“Someone said you pad your bra.”

“Excuse me?”

“Not me.”

“Fine, so I felt the need to prove my worth as it were?”


“I won? Well, that’s good.”

“You wanna hear the rest?”

July 25, 2004

Good Advice - by add_duck
{SVU - Movie Title Challenge}

Casey spun gleefully in her chair. “I can’t believe I’m about to argue in front of the Supreme Court! Of the United States! Of America!”

“Stranger things have happened, “ said Judge Mary absently, straightening Casey’s collar. Please don’t ask me to name one …

Casey picked up the souvenir quill. “Ooh, look!” she squealed, shoving it behind her ear. “They provide hair accessories! And it matches my earrings and everything!”

“Casey, sweetie,” Mary snatched the feather. “I need you to focus now.”

“Do you have some last minute advice?”

“Mm-hmm.” Judge Mary stuck out her palm. “Gum. Spit. Now.”

July 18, 2004

Party Favour - by Nic

{SVU - Summertime Challenge}

The feeling was sublime.

Finally, she was getting noticed. Casey jumped at the chance to play volleyball at the precinct’s summer beach party and she vowed to kick some ass and look good doing it. They were finally seeing her for herself; including her in the group. They might even be friendly with her!

On the sidelines, Olivia leaned over onto the squeaking lawn chair arm. “You gotta hand it to her… She is athletic.”

Elliot pulled his sunglasses down his nose, passing a glance at her. “Think we should tell her she lost the top of her bathing suit?”

Olivia looked at the stunned group of fellow detectives and the ever-oblivious ADA. “In a minute.”

July 11, 2004

Terms of Surrender - by theholyinnocent

{SVU - Lyrics Challenge}

Perhaps in another context, Olivia would have recognized the thrill of the hunt: Closely following on Alex’s heels, she turned the corner with long strides, nostrils flaring, heart slamming, blood chanting, aware only of her own beauty blossoming within the desperately powerful presence of lust.

They burst through the bathroom door like rowdies in a saloon and within seconds she pinned Alex against the ancient tiles, elegant wrists bound in her grasp. “You’re driving me crazy.”

“I know.” Alex whispered. “I like you. But—“

Olivia awaited rejection.

Instead, Alex breathed an embrace: “I might like you better if we slept together.”

June 24, 2004

Thirst - by Ki Finn

{SVU - Alternate Universe Challenge}

Thirst was all she knew. It had been building for days as she watched her and now the moment was right. She stepped off the third story ledge from where she had watched her walk and landed noiselessly on the pavement just yards behind her.

“Excuse me,” Alex said. “I need your help.” When Olivia turned, she grabbed her quickly and pulled her off the sidewalk into a convenient alleyway.

“What the fuck-” is all she managed to mutter before she felt the press of teeth into her jugular.

June 13, 2004

Greasemonkey - by Nic

{SVU - Alternate Universe Challenge}

"Excuse me, sir?" The cro-magnon welding something under the hood of her precious Audi was ignoring her.

The large welding mask appeared from behind the hood and was flipped up to reveal a dirty, but feminine face.

"Oh... sorry."

The woman wiped her greasy hands on an even greasier rag. She wiped her forehead with the back of her hand, smearing black across her eyebrows and extended her hand.

"Olivia," she introduced herself. Despite the layer of dust and motor oil over the woman's face, arms and clothes, her smile was radiant.

"Alex," she replied, finding her own smile curl her lips.

June 6, 2004

Untitled - by theholyinnocent


“So he cornered me after the reception—“

“Didja kick him in the balls?”

“—and it’s time for another episode of ‘Olivia Benson: Pacifist Policewoman.’ Anyway, he’s looming over me, reeking of bourbon….‘Alexandruuuuh,’ he says in that fucking Hee-Haw accent, ‘Ah hear y’all are doin’ the hokey-pokey with one of your detectives.’”

“He called it that?”

Immersed in giggling, they failed to notice Arthur standing in the doorway.

“Gotta work on that accent a bit more, Alexandra,” he drawled, and then left.

“Just my luck,” Alex sighed.

“At least he didn’t catch us doing the hokey-pokey.”

“You’re not going to start calling it that, are you?”

May 30, 2004

Untitled - by Jenny

{SVU - Unconventional Pairings Challenge}

The group at the bar later was unusually large. The case had run them all ragged. He flirted aggressively. She drank heavily.

An hour later they were at her place. The next morning she wouldn’t remember how they got there. She’d remember the sex, of course. Raw. Passionate. Primal. Like animals. It didn’t happen every day.

She woke at six. Calculating how long till she had to get up, she rolled over and nudged him, hoping for another go.

“Wake up… you,” Alex said, flinching.

That was the first moment it occurred to her that he probably had a name other than “that hot CSU tech.”

May 23, 2004

Untitled - by cabenson

{SVU - Unconventional Pairings Challenge}

She couldn’t hide her disgust as she tried to speak above the music in the bar. “No way, Abbie. No fucking way!”

“A bet’s a bet, Cabot. Unless of course, you’re chickening out.”

“Oh please!” Alex retorted sharply. “But why her?”

“Loser has to break in the new girl. You knew the rules. Now go!” Abbie laughed as she pushed Alex toward her prey.

Alex reluctantly sat down at the bar. She looked back at Abbie, pleading with her eyes only to find the brunette laughing.

“Hi!” she said turning toward the redhead next to her. “Nice softball uniform.”

May 16, 2004

Untitled - by Jenny

{SVU - AU Challenge}

A gorgeous blond in a silk robe appeared in the doorway. “Were you talking to me?”

“No,” I stammered. “Uh, I was talking to myself. I do that sometimes."

“I know,” she said, grinning, and disappeared into the other room.

I sighed with relief.

“Her name is Alex Cabot. She’s the ADA you work with. Apparently, you two are more than friends.”

“No kidding,” I said. I pulled up the sheet.

He frowned. “Anyway, it’s September 2003. You’re here to prevent – ”

Alex appeared again. “Up for another round?” She slipped off the robe.

“Do it, Sam,” Al urged. “I’ve had dreams like this!”

May 9, 2004

Above and Beyond the Call of Duty - by Heathers
{SVU - Firsts/Lasts Challenge}

“I’m here, now what?”

“Good morning, sunshine,” Elliot snapped on a latex glove.

She rolled her eyes.

“We need UV on the bed.” A camera flashed and Olivia flitted by. “Bag his hands and take… that…” she made a face, “out of him and bag it, too.”

Olivia stopped in front of Alex shaking a polaroid, “Hey.”

“Liv, check this out,” Elliot lifted a dirty condom with the end of his pen. “Mystery guest number three. This guy’s been busy.” He looked over her shoulder at the picture. “Nice one,” he chortled.

A gurney wheeled by, body bag jiggling as it passed them. “Who wants the implement?”

“Don’t ever page me to a crime scene again.”

Olivia looked at Elliot, condom still dangling from the pen.


May 2, 2004

The Joy Of Green - by Ki Finn {SVU}

The smoke lingered longer than it did with cigarettes and the smell was far stronger. They sat on her fire escape, passed it back and forth between them, and Olivia found herself thinking that it had no effect on her at all until she looked at Alex and started to laugh.

“What’s funny?”

“I don’t know.”

“I can’t believe you’ve never smoked this before.”

“I’m a cop, it’s illegal.

“So’s speeding but you do that too.”

There was silence for a moment then she turned and kissed Alex. “You are seriously beautiful.”

“Keep that up and we’re moving to Amsterdam.”

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