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Kiki Dee

06/18/04     Blonde/Redhead     385KB
Kerry/Kim & Janeway Seven. Crossover with Voyager. Visitors from the distant future are the catalist in mending a rift.

Available at A Light Left On


07/23/06     Balance     51KB
Kerry/Kim. What should have happened at the end of Rampage.

Available at Passion & Perfection

Foolish Heart

03/04/07     For a Little While     15KB
Kim/Abby. This is what I think would happen if Kim and Abby had investigated the relationship that had started when Abby's mother had her breakdown.

Available at Passion & Perfection


06/25/06     Click     54KB
Kerry/Kim. Dr. Legaspi makes a return trip to County with interesting consequences.

06/25/06     Finale, aka Cook County Crisis     30KB
Kerry/Kim. After a shooting in the ER, stuff happens. Based on the spoilers about Green getting killed and Kerry being wounded by a gunman in the season 8 finale (hence the title.)

06/25/06     Speed Bumps     33KB
Kerry/Kim. Kim and Kerry being to move in the same direction, encountering a few bumps along the way.

07/23/06     Refraction     16KB
Kerry/Kim. Kerry comes out, Randi comes to the rescue.

07/23/06     An Unexpected Pleasure     20KB
Kerry/Randi. Kerry and Randi run into each other, and some unforeseen activities ensue.

07/23/06     Optimistic     16KB
Kerry/Kim. Kerry deals with tragedy in the only way she knows how.

07/29/06     Burn & Open Flame     13KB
Kerry/Kim. Hot. Hot. Hot. Don not read at work! Yowza.

07/29/06     ER Five Pack     37KB
Kerry/Kim. Contains: Here to a Star, Special K, Arcadia, By Your Side and In the Garden of Earthly Delights.

Available at Passion & Perfection

Susan P.

08/05/06     The Two Hardest Words     38KB
Kerry/Susan. Contains: The Two Hardest Words & If I Knew What I Was Doing...

07/29/06     Decisions, Decisions     7KB
Kerry/Abby. A moment in the Drug Lock-Up of Love. 'nuff said.

09/04/06     Unrelated (Kerry/Kim) ER Pair     21KB
Kerry/Kim. Contains: Caught in the Act & Disclosures.

09/04/06     Unrelated (Kerry/Randi) ER Pair     22KB
Kerry/Randi. Contains: A Friend in Need & Full Moon Friday Night.

09/04/06     In the Kingdom of the Blind     43KB
Kerry/Abby. Contains: In the Kingdom of the Blind, Solace and This.Here.Now.

09/09/06     Broken Hearts     6KB
Kerry/Elizabeth. Elizabeth reflects on a moment of weakness shared.

10/21/06     Unrelated ER Pair     8KB
Kerry/Abby (smattering of Kerry/Kim). Contains: You Can & I Can't Believe I Did That.

Available at Passion & Perfection


07/29/06     Kim and Kerry at the Beach     15KB
Kerry/Kim. Add a little jealousy and the title says it all.

07/29/06     Love Boat     63KB
Kerry/Kim. Years after their meltdown they reunite in the most random of places.

08/05/06     Generic Romance Number 3     138KB
Kerry/Kim. "Oh god, not another Weaver/Legaspi reunification fic..".

Available at Passion & Perfection

Scott J Welles

02/18/07     Hotel (Kerry/Randi)     129KB
Kerry/Randi. Borrowing a page from one of Aeris' stories (luvya, babe!) and seeing what happens...

02/18/07     Harassment (Elizabeth/Maggie)     32KB
Elizabeth/Maggie. Maggie is angry with Elizabeth for not backing her in the harassment suit against Romano.

03/04/07     Holding (Elizabeth/Carol)     26KB
Elizabeth/Carol. Two spirits are liberated in a ritual involving the elemental power of lightning, love, and milkshakes.

03/04/07     Hallow (Kerry/Abby)     28KB
Elizabeth/Abby. Hallow's only has three rules; consenting adults, safe sex and no real names - Happy Halloween.

03/18/07     Hiccups (Kerry/Kim)     24KB
Elizabeth/Kim. What might have happened next.

03/18/07     Hormones (Kerry/Carol)     19KB
Elizabeth/Abby. Doug would have a coronary...

Available at Passion & Perfection


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