Even ADAs can have 'blonde' moments....


by ncruuk




"OLIVIA!" Alex Cabot was not happy.


"Yes?" A dripping Olivia shot out of the bathroom, responding to the shriek of her lover.


"Do something!"


Olivia turned to assess the situation.  Standing frozen to the spot by the sink was the normally fearless blonde SVU ADA, for what reason Olivia couldn't tell. Deciding the sink didn't warrant her firearm, she continued across to Alex.


"About what?" she enquired carefully, trying not to notice that the wide open windows made the room rather cold, and she was, well, rather wet, and not in a sexy good way.


"That!" Alex tentatively gestured towards the sink.


"Oh"  Amused, Olivia reached out for some paper towels and 'dealt' with it, much to Alex's relief.


"Thank you!" breathed a grateful Alex, before pulling Olivia into her embrace...


"Ew, you're wet" …an embrace that lasted nanoseconds.


"Yes, I know, and rather cold now sweetie."  Alex let her gaze drift lower.  Yes, certain features were confirming the Detective's statement.  Like all good prosecuting attorneys, Alex never took a statement at face value, preferring corroborating physical evidence, which she had.


"Ah, sorry…" Alex mumbled sheepishly.


"S'ok" Olivia was always a patient lover when it came to her blonde ADA.


"Now I've dealt with the spider, want to join me in the shower?"




Inspiration for the fic:  Cav mentioning on list a year ago (when I wrote it) that she was imagining demanding that Olivia do something