Job Share


By ncruuk




Just as Catherine dropped the final shard of glass in the centre of her large jigsaw puzzle, she was conscious of a body invading her personal space.  Turning her head ready to growl at whoever dared to enter her space, she saw stray strands of long dark the invader away.


"You done?"


"One rebuilt sheet glass window.  Now I can sort out my blood spatter, after all, that is what I'm supposed to be good atů" began Catherine, testily, only to continue,


"Honestly, you get given a specialism, told to find conferences to go to and do you then end up going? No, cos Gil "Unconnected from Reality" Grissom is too busy...." before Catherine could hit her stride, Sara interrupted her.


"Actually, I wanted you to review the evidence for me.  It's not your case anymore......"


"Not my case?"


"Nope.  So, this all the evidence?" Sara was eager to keep their conversation on track, her track.


"Glass, blood spatter pattern, trainer print.  You see it, you're good to go, on MY case" Catherine was not in a sharing mood.


"And the potato chips?" asked Sara nervously, gesturing towards the bag on the far edge of the table.


"My LUNCH!" shouted Catherine angrily, snatching up the family sized bag of Lays potato chips before stomping out of the lab.......




Challenge: Sara/Catherine, potato chips, Lab (there are bonus marks for recognising which blockbuster film is being spoofed at the same time!)