Dawn Closings


by ncruuk


Olivia was awoken from sudden slumber by something, what, she really wasn't sure.  Deciding it wasn't significant enough to spoil her early morning slumber, she reached across the pillows intending to snuggle up to Alex again before dropping off to....


"Alex?"  The bed was empty.  That was certainly significant enough to upset that plan. Throwing back the covers, Olivia got out of bed and set about following the noises in the apartment until she located her errant lover who, if she wished to be up at this ungodly hour surely shouldn't be...


"Out, damn words!" …hunched over her laptop swearing at the computer.


"Sweetie?" queried Olivia, trying to suppress her amusement.


Sitting on the couch, surrounded by legal texts and papers was her lover, her very frustrated lover.


"Liv!  Did I wake you?" bemused by her lover's sudden appearance, Alex automatically repositioned her glasses on her nose.


"I think so.  You been swearing long?"


"Thirty minutes.  It's this closing for tomorrow.  The words just...."


"Come back to bed…" murmured Olivia, not moving from the doorway she was leaning in.


"But this closing..."


"Is not needed for another 24 hours and if the words ain't coming out now, well, let them stay inside for another couple of hours," suggested Olivia, surprisingly reasonably for 4am on a Sunday morning she thought.




"C'mon Alex, the bed's getting cold…"


Despite her mumbled complaints, Alex had given in to Olivia – who wouldn't, thought the blonde ADA, surreptiously enjoying the view, and was already shutting down her laptop.  Satisfied, Olivia turned to go back to bed, glad that her lover was joining her, commenting


"Anyways, I'd have to arrest you I think…"




"I'm sure you're committing a crime," called out Olivia, as she happily settled back down under the covers, preparing herself for a flying Alex to accost her.


"Why?" came the icy question from the doorway.


"Because I'm sure it's got to be a crime."


"What's a crime?" purred Alex, still not leaving the doorway.


"The fact that you can look that sexy whilst failing to write a closing…"


"Ah, what are you going to do about it Detective?"


"Order a strip search?"


"Would you be the supervising officer?"




"You want me to strip now?" teased Alex, staying by the door.


"Get in this bed now!" Olivia only had so much patience.


There was a pause as Alex disrobed before joining Olivia in bed.  It was a very short pause....removing the 'glasses of justice' never took Ms. Cabot all that long ....




About the Fic: another random cav comment I'm afraid - someone had posted a list of questions to try and help them edit their fic, cav answered them and made some comment about the agonising joy of editting fic and writer's block - I fluffed about an hour later.