You went to a sex club?


by ncruuk




You went WHERE?" Alex's outrage was tangible, and, as far as Olivia was concerned, completely unexpected.


"A sex club."


"WHAT!" Alex's scream could be heard many offices away, prompting many to look round in shock, but only one was brave enough to investigate...


"Alex?  I don't think they heard you over in white collar, you care to explain?" asked Liz Donnelly, entering her ADA's office to find a steaming ADA on one side of the desk and an amused looking Detective Benson on the other.


"I don't care."


Liz blinked, she didn't think she'd ever heard Alex sound petulant before. "Ah, ok." Deciding this maybe wasn't something she wanted to intervene with, after all, Benson had a gun and cuffs, Liz took her leave and retreated to a safe eavesdropping distance.


"You were screaming?" prompted Olivia after a moment's silence, trying not to laugh at her obvious irate lover.


Taking a deep breath, Alex started again.


"You went to a sex club?"




"A women friendly, women owned sex club?"




"And you didn't think to tell me?"


"I don't..." Olivia was very confused.


"You didn't think to tell your girlfriend you were going to a lesbian friendly sex club?" Alex was trying not to scream, really she was.


"Alex, it was work."


"Right." Olivia would later swear she 'heard' Alex's eyes roll in scathing disbelief.


"No really, remember, that job we both do?  You prosecute the sex crimes bad guys after I've arrested and gathered evidence on themů" explained Olivia patiently.


"Yes, but you went to a gay friendly SEX club!" Alex was getting frustrated that Olivia wasn't seeing her point.


"Alex, what exactly are you mad about?" asked Olivia, settling down onto the couch and gesturing for Alex to join her.




"S'cuse me?" Olivia was thoroughly confused now, but happier that Alex was now sitting on the couch with her, even if she was trying to crease her leather jacket.


"Elliot didn't go in with you?"


"No, he didn't!"




"Because we wanted information, not to bust them."


"So you went in on your own?"




"And you didn't flash your badge first?"


"No, I only flashed my badge when they started thinking I was weird when I had to ask about admitting menů" explained Olivia, recalling the short conversation with the two female proprietors.


*Thunk* Alex hit Olivia in the ribs.


"That's why I'm mad at you."


"Because I didn't flash my badge or go in with Elliot?"




"Ah, ok."  Sometimes, it was best to just agree with Alex, especially when she was snuggled under Olivia's jacket as she now was.


"You still don't get it do you?" asked Alex, sometime later, still snuggled into her girlfriend.


"Not really, no" admitted Olivia carefully, not wanting to be hit or screamed at again.


"You went in, in your jeans and leather jacket, with that smirking smile you get sometimes and started asking questions...."


"You're jealous?"








"Sure about that?" Olivia was now having fun, perhaps too much fun.




"Ok then, if you're sure."á A reasonably content silence settled over the pair.




"Yes sweetie?"


"Shut up"


"But you were jealů"  Olivia never always knew when to shut up... but then there was little incentive to learn when her girlfriend would do it for her... with one hell of a kiss!




This fic was a fluff triggered by a screencap from that episode when Olivia went to a lesbian friendly strip club on a case... never seen the ep btw