by ncruuk




"No, it's no good."




"It's not going to work, I'm too tense."


"But I thought..." began Sara, ignoring her own nakedness and sitting up, looking hurt.


"No, not any more... sorry."


"What happened?  I mean, you love it when I do that…" began Sara, gazing down at her equally naked lover, confused.


"I know hun, really, I do.  But not this time…"


"Why ever not?  It's not like you aren't ready" protested Sara, becoming hurt at Catherine's behaviour.


"Oh sweetie, it's not..." Catherine hurriedly switched to damage control. "It's nothing to do with you, I just can't when it's there..."


"What's where?"  Thoroughly confused, Sara chewed on her lower lip.


"Einstein, there," explained Catherine, gesturing over Sara’s shoulder.


"Einstein?  Why?" asked Sara, relaxing a touch.


"You'll laugh"


"I'm sure I won't" admitted Sara, knowing it was a lie.


"You will."


"Catherine Willows, spit it out!"


"I already have..." observed Catherine, causing Sara to wince, prompting more damage control.


"Oh Sara, I'm sorry.  Look, it's silly, but you'll laugh..."


"Just tell me Cat, please?" asked Sara, getting genuinely concerned now.


"No matter what you'll do, I won't climax as long as Einstein's there.  I just can't"


"Oh baby..." Sara couldn't help but smile, not at the admission as such, but at Catherine's blush.


"It's not funny," protested Catherine primly.


"No, it's not, but you are."


"What's so funny about me?"


"Cat, darling, don't take this the wrong way, but don't you find it just a little bit amusing that a former stripper can't climax during sex with her lover because her lover's stuffed lion is sitting on a shelf in the other room?" asked Sara, collapsing into giggles.


"I can see him through the doorway" was the indignant response, right about the same time Catherine smacked Sara with a nearby pillow...




Challenge: Sara/Catherine, stuffed animal, in bed