Fridge Poetry


by ncruuk




"Greg says hands off my coff…"


"Excuse me?"


"Fridge poetry."




"Someone slipped the 'e's."


"Someone slipped you some e?" asked Nick, coming into the breakroom, interrupting the ladies’ conversation.


"No, Catherine was reading out the latest lines with the fridge poetry. Greg says hands off my coff" explained Sara, smugly taking a sip of her freshly poured coffee.


"Someone's slipped the 'e's" commented Nick, inspecting the fridge.


"And the prize goes to the Texan in the corner! Someone make him an investigator" called Catherine sarcastically from the couch, throwing her hands up in despair.  Smirking, Sara wordlessly handed her mug of coffee across to the blonde, who took it and drained it, enjoying the fresh brew.


"Mmm, thanks.  Do you think anyone's going to do the washing up sometime?"


"Depends," decided Sara, taking back her mug and rinsing it out in the sink.


"On what?"


"On whether you remember the code for my locker the next time you need caffeine," she explained, wiping the mug dry.


"Good point.  Ready to look through those sheets?"


"Lead on.  Bye Nick!" called Sara, as the two ladies left the break room.


"Yeah, bye," came the distracted response from the amiable Texan, hunched over the fridge... A moment later he stood back and admired his handiwork.


'Sara and Catherine together'


was now displayed discretely on the fridge door.  Smiling to himself, he grabbed his soda before leaving the break room, resisting the urge to whistle... and to think Catherine mocked his highly attuned Investigator skills...




Challenge: Sara/Catherine, fridge poetry, break room