Too Much Information!


by ncruuk




"How was your shift?" asked Catherine, seeing her lover enter the locker room.


"Horrible." Sara accompanied her statement with a visible shudder as she opened her locker.


"Oh? What did Grissom lecture you on now?"  Having finished a few minutes earlier, Catherine was already ready to leave.


"Nothing, it was worse than that." Sara’s reply was slightly muffled behind the open locker door as she gathered up her stuff.


"What could be worse than Grissom lecturing and quoting at you?" asked

Catherine, genuinely intrigued.


"Me, having to lecture him..." muttered Sara, beginning to wonder why she’d brought it up.


"What was the topic?"


"The legitimate practical applications and uses for the substance that became the transfer medium for our prints," explained Sara formally.


"Huh?" Catherine wasn't following, not expecting Sara to resort to ‘report-speak’.  That in itself made her even more curious.


"I had to explain what the stuff was that our prints were left in."


"And why was that so horrible?"


"Next time, you can be the one to explain to Grissom what chocolate body paint is and why it's a good thing!" protested Sara finally, slamming her locker door shut, hoping the noise would distract her lover. It didn’t.


“You’re blushing!” taunted Catherine, gathering up her stuff and following Sara out of the locker room.


“I’d like to see you try and explain it...” muttered Sara, glad her shift was finally over.


“I seem to remember doing a pretty good job for you!” countered Catherine, enjoying herself just a little too much for Sara’s liking.


“Yeah, but then, you could do a practical demonstration…”  Sara paused to make sure that Catherine had recalled the correct mental image.  Judging by the light blush now colouring the blonde’s cheeks, she’d obviously found it, prompting Sara to continue her comment with “…but I really didn’t want to go there with Gris!” before striding off towards their car, leaving a suddenly repulsed Catherine stuck in the corridor.




Challenge: Sara/Catherine, body paint, anywhere