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♀♀ trancer [aka trancer21]

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Dr. Who ~ Hospital Central ~ JAG ~ The Mummy ~ Tomb Raider

Colonel Sarah 'Mac' McKenzie
The Great American Lesbian Search

ncruuk's Random Fluff Epic
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Ann's Facts of Life Series
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ralst's A State of Undress Fic-a-thon
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Pre-Community Fic by ncruuk
♀♀ Tighter... No Not That Tight! A/O (SVU)
♀♀ When Websters Just Isn't Enough... A/O (SVU)
♀♀ Dawn Closing A/O (SVU)
♀♀ Best Foot Forward A/O (SVU)
♀♀ Telephone For You, Ms. Cabot... A/O (SVU)
♀♀ House Calls A/O (SVU)
♀♀ You Went to a Sex Club? A/O (SVU)
♀♀ Even ADAs Can Have 'Blonde' Moments... A/O (SVU)
♀♀ Parking Can Be Such a Pain... A/O (SVU)
♀♀ The Female of the Species... C/S (CSI)
♀♀ Job Share C/S (CSI)
♀♀ The Proof is in the Eating C/S (CSI)
♀♀ Einstein C/S (CSI)
♀♀ For the Love of Zucchini, the Chicken was Lost C/S (CSI)
♀♀ The Power of Chocolate C/S (CSI)
♀♀ Fridge Poetry C/S (CSI)
♀♀ Geek Love C/S (CSI)
♀♀ Steady Hands C/S (CSI)
♀♀ Too Much Information! C/S (CSI)
♀♀ September in the Rain S/J (SG-1)

Challenges Sorted by Number
[1] Alex/Olivia, kitchen, glasses of justice
[2] Sam/Janet, off world, rope
[3] Sara/Sophia, strip club, pasties
[4] Helen/Nikki, potting shed, truncheon/night stick
[5] CJ Cregg/anyone, press briefing room, flamingo
[6] any couple, airplane, cocktail umbrella
[7] any couple, anywhere, boobies
[8] B'Elanna/Seven, planet side, swimming trunks
[9] Addison/anyone, Joe's bar, salmon scrubs
[10] Jo/Blair, Edna's Edibles, a pair of rollerskates
[11] Tracey/Kelly, Branch's office, a can of whipped cream
[12] Kelly/Sabrina, Bosley's apartment/house, a lava lamp
[13] Xena/Gabrielle, Modern Day New York, Gillette Razor
[16] Olivia/Alex, Lena's office, gavel
[17] Catherine/Sara, Grissom's office, spiders
[18] Sara/Sofia, phonebooth, handcuffs
[20] Janeway/Seven, Janeway's response, swimming trunks
[21] Kelly/Sabrina, gym, cocktail dress
[22] Jo/Blair, park, sun-tan lotion
[23] Sam/Janet, Sam's lab, flower
[24] Tracey/Kelly, restaurant, blue-backed motion
[25] Janeway/Seven, cargo bay 2, tricorder
[26] Alex/Olivia, hotel room, string of pearls
[28] Sam/Janet, off world, MALP
[29] Catherine/Wendy, DNA lab, sperm sample
[30] Helen/Nikki , down the block, party hat
[31] McMurphy/K.C., beach, sand crabs
[33] Xena/Gabrielle, Cyrene's tavern, cyclops' eyeball
[34] Jo/Blair, Rodeo, crystal glasses
[36] Sara/Catherine, deserted highway, battery cables
[37] Alex/Olivia, Cragen's desk, silk stockings
[39] Alex/Olivia, Casey's Office, shredder/scissors
[40] Tracey/Kelly - Tracey's local bakery, lost files
[43] Sabrina/Kelly, Sabrina's car during a stake-out, hot-dogs
[44] Alex/Olivia, gym locker room, socks
[45] Alex/Olivia, at their respective desks, phone sex
[46] Alex/Olivia, waiting in line for the bathroom in a club, a glow-stick
[48] Connie/Chrissie, lipstick and a nurses uniform, anywhere
[49] Janeway/someone, away mission, baseball or cricket bat
[50] Seven/someone, bridge, parrot
[51] Seven/someone, away mission, ear muffs
[52] Janeway/someone, ready room, trumpet
[53] Sam/Janet, infirmary, kleenex
[54] Sam/Janet, infirmary, sneakers
[55] Sam/Janet, commissionary, coffee cake
[56] Scully/anyone, hotel bar, red jello
[57] Faith/anyone, graveyard, saucepan
[59] any couple, police vehicle, citrus fruit
[60] any couple, military base, kite
[61] any couple, beach, toothbrush
[62] Sara/Catherine, crime re-enactment, Sara’s lab
[63] Sara/Sofia, rubber ducky, crime scene
[64] Olivia/Alex, chocolate éclairs, NYPD crib
[65] Sam/Janet, G’ould device, Janet’s office
[71] Karen/Marley, swizzle stick, dark booth
[72] any couple, public transportation, ice cream
[75] CJ Cregg/anyone, Oval Office, muffin
[76] CJ Cregg/anyone, West Wing corridor, balloon
[78] Scully/anyone, small town America, clown costume
[80] any couple, bar, cell phone
[81] Alex/Olivia, Courtroom, keys
[82] Connie/Diane, Connie’s office, Injuries
[83] Cath/Sofia, Cath’s Office, Misunderstandings
[84] Sara/Cath, Locker room, Bad Day
[85] Kris/Kelly, Office, Missing
[86] Kris/Sabrina, Office, Lonely
[87] Susan/Abby, Abby’s Flat, Quitting Smoking
[88] Stella/Linds, Stella’s, Problem Case
[93] Jo/Blair, Langley's library, Gray's Anatomy (the text book)
[94] Sara/Sofia, Grissom's office, jar of cockroachs
[99] Ash/Scribbs, cricket pitch, tennis racquet
[101] Marley/Karen, Miami beach, bikkinis
[102] Alex/Olivia, Central Park, angry squirrel
[103] Alex/Olivia, Road trip, twinkies
[104] Casey/Olivia, squad room, IM conversation
[105] (CSI) any pairing, crime scene, stuffed moose head
[106] (CSI) any pairing, Denali, unexpected passenger
[107] (CSI) any pairing, conference in New Orleans, powdered sugar
[108] Sam/Janet, local bar, wild bet
[109] Sam/Janet, Sam's lab, experiment gone wild
[110] Sam/Vala, off world, strange ritual
[111] Kelly/Sabrina, escort service, french maid costume
[112] Jo/Blair, country club, golf cart
[113] Ash/Scribbs, undercover, health spa
[114] Ash/Scribbs, darts, pub
[115] Maca/Esther, splinter, exam room
[116] Maca/Esther, banana, cafeteria
[117] Sabrina/Kelly, saddle, dude ranch
[118] Sabrina/Kelly, Saint Bernard, dog show
[119] McMurphy/KC, bra, strip poker
[120] McMurphy/KC, surgical glove, KC’s quarters
[121] Jo/Blair, uniform tie, Mrs. Garrett’s room
[122] Jo/Blair, super glue, bathroom
[123] Olivia/Alex, gold shield, library
[124] Olivia/Alex, camisole, stairwell
[125] Sam/Janet, tongue depressor, infirmary
[126] Sam/Janet, jello, Jack’s house
[127] Karen/Marley, coasters, Marshall Sisco’s house
[128] Karen/Marley, sunglasses, hotel room
[129] Sara/Catherine, peach, break room
[130] Sara/Sofia, toothpick, lab
[131] Alex/Serena, Serena's Apartment, bandaid
[132] Kerry/Kim, Magoo's, missing crutch
[133] Mac/Olivia, Airport, loose change
[134] Mac/Sam, Riffle Range, lip gloss
[135] Sara/Anyone, outside, piglet
[136] Sara/Sofia, shopping mall, badge
[137] Sofia/Catherine, Grissom's apartment, stuck
[138] Catherine/Sara, at the lab, baby
[139] Helen/Chrissie, Club, Dance
[140] Helen/Connie, Bar, seduction
[141] Sara/Sofia/Cath, Someone's home, Terror
[142] any pairing, tennis court, diet soda
[143] any pairing, department store, stuffed toy
[144] any pairing, zoo, disposable camera
[145] any pairing, art gallery, mp3 player/ipod/personal stereo
[146] any pairing, 'den', computer chair
[148] Alex/Olivia, courtroom, tomato sauce
[149] Alex/Olivia, Empire State Building, warrant
[150] Alex/Olivia, Staten Island Ferry, hot chocolate
[151] Serena/someone, grocery store, pineapple
[152] Serena/someone, cinema, basketball
[153] Abbie/someone, squadroom, pistachio nuts
[154] Abbie/someone, sidewalk, cowboy boots
[155] Abbie/Kate, labs, caffeine tablets
[156] Abbie/Kate, NCIS offices, color printer
[157] Abbie/Kate, Lincoln Memorial, D.C. Guide Book
[158] Sara/someone, casino, poker chip
[159] Sara/someone, 24 hour dinner, bottle cap
[160] Catherine/someone, hotel lobby, newspaper
[161] Catherine/someone, underground car park, pumpkin
[162] Kate Harper/someone, White House Mess, iced tea
[163] Kate Harper/someone, International Summit, birthday gift wrap
[164] Gina Toscano/someone, Rose Garden, plane ticket
[165] Gina Toscano/someone, roof top, marshmallows
[166] CJ Cregg/someone, helicopter, Notre Dame Baseball cap
[167] Olivia/Alex, sports arena, vending machine
[168] Olivia/Alex, hospital, slippers
[169] Olivia/Alex, vancouver, sailboat
[170] Any Pairing, poolside, caramel and sprinkles (hundreds and thousands)
[171] Any Pairing, office party, alcohol and ice cream
[172] Any Pairing, car/suv, lucky charms (cereal)
[173] Sam/Janet, the park, a frisby
[174] Any Pairing, anywhere, blanket thief
[175] Gwen/Suzie or Gwen/Toshiko (or all 3), The Hub, The Glove
[176] Gwen/Suzie, Hub, Laptop
[177] Any pairing, Field, Crying Shame/Pain
[178] Alex/Olivia, Macy's Toy Department, giving
[179] Buffy/Willow, graveyard, ice
[180] Jo/Blair, Grand Central Station, mistletoe
[181] Sara/Catherine, Red Rock Canyon, snow
[182] Kelly/Sabrina, ski resort, bikini
[183] Sam/Janet, restaurant, traditions
[184] Any Pairing, livingroom, spiked coco
[185] Any Pairing, office party, jewlery
[186] Any Pairing, anywhere, blizzard
[187] Serena/Alex, Central Park, scarf
[188] Janeway/Seven, Voyager, religion
<--- NEW as of January , 2007 --->
[189] Alice/Helena, anywhere, the chart
[190] Alice/Helena, The Planet, kareoke
[191] Alice/Helena, Pappi's limo, circles
[192] Sara/Sofia, Grissom's house, a spider's web
[193] Sara/Sofia, poker table, ice chips
[194] Sara/Sofia, morgue, bra strap
[195] Ash/Scribbs, Sullivan's sports car, chocolate
[196] Ash/Scribbs, holding cell, lock pick
[197] Ash/Scribbs, anywhere, warrent card
[198] Karen/Marley, The Bird Cage, lipstick
[199] Karen/Marley, lift, mobile phone (cell)
[200] Karen/Marley, Phil's apartment, jello
[201] Any pairing, yacht, Jaws
[202] Any pairing, stage coach, feathers
[203] Any pairing, emergency room, chipmunk
[204] Kelly/Sabrina, mud wrestling, bar
[205] Murder in Suburbia, Ash/Scribbs, hair clip, crime scene
[206] Sara/Sofia, water, desert
[207] Catherine/Sara, nail file, Denali
[208] Catherine/Wendy, out of order stall, restroom
[209] Jo/Blair, charades, Mrs. G's living room
[210] Olivia/Alex, lipstick, interview room
[211] Sam/Janet, Mr. Potato Head, Sam's lab
[212] Karen Sisco, Karen/Marley, undercover, hamburger joint
[213] Any pairing, syringe, hospital
[214] Any pairing, wet paint, corridor

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