Parking can be such a pain....


by ncruuk




Alex Cabot stepped out from a sedan as it screeched to a halt, leaving burnt tyre treads for 50 feet behind it, looking, as she always did, impeccable. Turning to enter the apartment building, she looked at the now locked car parked across the sidewalk.


"Did they not teach you the parking ordinances for NYC Detective?"


"Certainly Counsellor, but NYPD vehicles are exempt when on official business."


"Tell me, what official business are you on?"


"Feeding an officer of the court."


"And when did that become sufficiently urgent as to warrant use of lights and sirens?"


"When said Officer wanted Chinese takeout for dinner and we hit traffic on 42nd Street."


"That hardly constitutes official business under the City Ordinances..." began Alex, only to be interrupted,


"I thought you wanted Sex darling?"


"Your point?"


"New York's finest is offering you hot Chinese take out and passionate sex, and you're arguing NYC parking ordinances?" queried Olivia, holding up the bag of take out in one hand and their apartment keys in the other.


"Valid point.  Don't bother finding a parking space," agreed Alex before sweeping into the apartment building…




no challenge, just felt like it