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Fluffs contained below have been formatted for eReader and are .pdb files (the underlined links with the dates of fluffs). These files are not readable on the web. Use the link that is the author's name to go to their fics on the Fluff Live Journal.

eReader is typically used with PDAs (Palms, Axims, etc.), but there are also desktop versions. The standard versions of the software are free, the 'pro' versions cost about $10 each. After download, the function of the 'pro' versions work for approximately 10 days, if a license hasn't been purchased, these features are then disabled leaving the standard version operational. I have use the standard version for years and have never missed the 'pro' features. To each their own.

Download eReader for: Palm OS, Pocket PC, Windows Desktop, or Macintosh Desktop.

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