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The idea is simple: A screencap will be posted. You create a fluff inspired by it.

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Try to ignore the episode storylines the caps came from, if you know them.
Click on the icon for a full sized image.

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    [A] Sam/Olivia, SG-1/SVU
    {manip coutesy of Myrth. Thanks, babe!}

    [C] Sara/Sophia, CSI

    [E] Xena/Gabrielle, X:WP

    [G] Catherine/Sara, CSI

    [I] Olivia/?, SVU

    [K] Janeway/7, Voyager

    [M] Sara/Sophia, CSI
        {cap coutesy of ralst}

    [P] Scribbs/Ash, Murder in Suburbia
        {cap coutesy of ralst}

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How to link to the Graphics

For the challenges posted on the Fluff! LJ community, feel free to link directly to the icon or graphic.

Right click on an icon and choose 'view image.' This will load the image all by itself and its pathway will appear in the address bar of your browser. Copy this and use it as the URL in an image tag <img src="URL"> when loading your fic to LJ. Clicking on an icon in the screan cap area will open the full cap and its pathway will automatically be in your address bar.

See ncruuk's post for layout.

As this site is optimized for Firefox, these directions work for it and will also work in other Modzilla based browsers (ie. Netscape). My version of IE would not allow the 'show picture' option from a right click, but admittedly, I know next to nothing about IE. Also, this page does not render properly in IE. (see the 'get firefox' link at the bottom of this page).

From ncruuk: to find the pathway in IE: right click and select properties. Highlight and copy from there. (kimly's note: this method also works in Firefox.)

Graphic Credits

West Wing Caps courtesy of Screen Musings

SVU Caps courtesy of angharad governal or spectralsoul or aleatory

SG-1 Caps courtesy of Abydos Gate

Gabrielle/Xena caps courtesy of Mike's Images

Sara caps courtesy of Jorja Fox: Online

CSI caps courtesy of CSI : VEGAS ! or Black Glass

ER caps courtesy of ER Head Quarters

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