Telephone call for you, Ms. Cabot....


by ncruuk




"Alex, why such a hideous expression?"


"I'm sorry?" queried Alex, recovering herself to her normal composed expression.


"Your face, just now, you looked like you were sitting on a thistle or something…" explained Liz Donnelly




"Are you sitting on a thistle?"




"And you're not in pain?"




"So would you like to explain what the cause of that very peculiar countenance was?" Liz was merciless in her teasing, being granted so few opportunities by her composed SVU ADA.


Thinking quickly, Alex realised that she had little option but a partial confession.


"I was trying to yawn discretely."


"Ah, disturbed night?"


"Something like that."


"Faulty air con?" offered an intern, an excuse Alex was in the process of accepting, when Liz interrupted.


"Hardly…the Cabots' never have anything other than perfect air conditioning.....humidity controlled as well as temperature if I recall Alex?"


"Yes Liz." Alex hadn't felt this picked on since she'd missed the Dean's list that first term she'd discovered sex in place off, but that was one place too many for her father.


"Anyways....I think that's all I or Counselor Cabot can take with this meeting.  We'll pick it up again on Monday...." and, as everyone gratefully dispersed from the meeting, Liz and Alex both began packing their papers away.


"You know Alex, you're remarkably fresh for 2 hours sleep."


Alex reeled round in shock....that was far more accurate than she wanted Liz to be.


"Excuse me?"


"2 hours sleep.....from 5am until 7am.  You were here at 8am, so I figured..."


"Two hours sleep.  Very smart Liz."  Alex tried not to sound too sarcastic when she realised their secret was probably out.


"I could have been a detective."


"Mmm." Alex made a non committal noise as she snapped her briefcase shut, trying not to prolong the conversation.


"Speaking of many more nights is Olivia away on that extradition?"


"Four." Alex had replied before she could stop herself.


"Come in at lunch on Monday and Tuesday then, you've not got morning court dates."


"Excuse me?"


"If you're going to be up til 5am on the phone with your gorgeous girlfriend, sleep in until noon....."


"How did you know?" asked Alex calmly, knowing her fair complexion would not conceal her blushes, so going for an icy enquiry as a decoy.


"Easy, you're yawning, and your girlfriend's in California....have a good weekend!"


And, just as suddenly as the conversation started, it finished, as Liz Donnelly breezed out of the meeting room, leaving a rather bemused ADA standing rooted to the spot, wondering how the hell she'd just confessed about having a relationship with Olivia to her boss......not to mention….


"Liz thinks Olivia's gorgeous? I'm going to kill her!" and fuming, the ADA rushed out to catch up with her boss…..




Due to IMing: a friend was bemoaning that her new girlfriend was geographically remote, requiring lots of late night telephone calls....