Tighter...no, not that tight!


By ncruuk




"Poke through the hole!"


"It won't go!" protested Alex.


"Yes it will, you make it looser by slackening off your fingers…"


"But you said hold it tight!" protested Alex again....almost sounding petulant.


"No, I said pull tight.  You need to hold it loose at some points," explained Olivia, patiently, wondering if this had been such a good idea after all.


"I'll drop it!"


"No, you won't Alex.  You only need one finger to loosen it, you can keep the rest of your hand holding it tight…."


There was a moment of silence as Alex fiddled, trying not to curse.


"Now what?"


"Now push the tip down as you pull it back out again....." explained Olivia, guiding Alex's arms.


"…And use your other hand to pull tight, no, not that tight!" she protested suddenly, as Alex yanked painfully hard.


"But you said...."


"Honey, you need to keep it even, not too much, not too little, otherwise it doesn't feel good....."


"Why are we doing this again?"


"It was your idea honey...." started Olivia, trying to soothe her irate lover.


"No, it was my mother's idea, and one of her worst ones at that!"


"It's not that bad…"


"Yes it is, she must have made it up to torture me…" whined Alex, pouting.


"Why do you say that?" asked Olivia, intrigued


"Because she knows that I would never be able to knit a pair of booties......and I refuse to believe it's compulsory as part of initiation to becoming a god mother!" announced Alex indignantly, throwing the narrow knitting needles and ball of baby blue wool across the room in disgust.


"You want me to do it for you?" offered Olivia soothingly, drawing her frustrated girlfriend into her embrace.


"You'd do that for me?" asked Alex, surprised.  She had just intended on telling her mother to 'go to hell'.


"Sure, though I really think you'd be good at knitting…." Cooed Olivia, enjoying the feel of Alex settling against her body.


"What makes you say that?"  asked Alex, beginning to become distracted from the conversation by Olivia's eminently kissable neck that was now right by her mouth….


"All it needs is a controlled touch, sometimes delicate, sometimes firm…" explained Olivia seriously, reciting the mantra she'd been taught years ago by old Mrs. Sorn when she'd learnt to knit, and carelessly, not paying attention to what her lover was up to.


"Ah….and I'm very good at that…." breathed Alex, before paying attention to her lover's unsuspecting body, all thoughts of knitting forgotten as she began to demonstrate to Olivia just how controlled a touch she could have…..




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