Facts of Life

femslash fan fiction for eReader


07/19/08     FoL 5-pack     24KB
Blair/Jo. Contains: Party's Over, We'll have a gay old time, California Dreamin', Born of the observation and The Princess and the Pirate.

Available at Passion & Perfection


05/04/08     The Charity Series (FoL)     36KB
Blair/Jo. Always willing to lend a helping hand....

05/04/08     Secrets Revealed (FoL)     22KB
Blair/Jo. One of the women is being blackmailed, and the others come to the aid of their friend.

06/21/08     The Pricess and the Frog     16KB
Blair/Jo. One of the women is being blackmailed, and the others come to the aid of their friend.

Available at Passion & Perfection


02/04/07     Random FoL Three     10KB
Blair/Jo. Set at Langley, Blair gets in over her head with a date, and Jo comes to her rescue.

Available at Passion & Perfection


10/20/07     The New Facts of Life     91KB
Blair/Jo. In life we all make choices, our facts of life. Once made can we ever go back?

Available at Passion & Perfection


08/01/04     Three Unrelated Shorts     47KB
Blair/Jo. Contains: Just a Genuine Something in My Misery, Was I Just Your Habit…, Christmas Wishes.

01/07/06     Walking Boots     44KB
Jo/others, Blair/Jo. Jo, sex, everyone but Blair.

10/20/07     The Failures of Modern Home Economics For Boys     15KB
Blair/Jo. A bit of fluff.

01/01/09     Stealing from Steinbeck     12KB
Blair/Jo. Nat and Tootie decide to play matchmaker.

Available at Realm of the Shadow


10/20/07     3 More FoL Fics     10KB
Blair/Jo. Contains:Worth the Wait, Arguments and Motor Oil and Not the Surprise She Was Expecting.

Available at Passion & Perfection

Del Robertson

03/05/06     A Facts of Life Series     103KB
Blair/Jo. Life in Peekskill is never dull.

03/25/06     FoL Holiday Pair     16KB
Blair/Jo. Valentine's and St. Patrick's Days will never be the same.

05/21/06     Pomp & Circumstance     18KB
Blair/Jo. High School graduation remembered.

01/20/07     The Headless Biker of Peekskill     20KB
Blair/Jo. Blair asks Jo for a ride home on Halloween night.

01/20/07     Nineteen_Eighty Somthing     31KB
Blair/Jo. Years after a tragedy has struck at Over Our Heads, Jo comes home, seeking closure

01/20/07     Once Upon a Stormy Night     23KB
Blair/Jo. Clichés and urban legends abound in Peekskill on a dark and stormy night.

02/04/07     FoL 2-some     32KB
Blair/Jo. Contains:Illusory Manifestations and Higher Education.

04/19/08     Musty Memories and Passionate Kisses     25KB
Blair/Jo. After Mrs. G suffers a heart attack, Jo and Blair are forced to work together on a spring cleaning project.

Available at Passion & Perfection


11/12/07     That Time They All Went Camping     19KB
Blair/Jo. The girls of Eastland go on a camping trip.

Available at Passion & Perfection

Della Street

01/29/06     Kiss & Ribbon     63KB
Blair/Jo. Unrelated Pair. All was not always sunny and light in Peekskill.

02/25/06     Tool     78KB
Blair/Jo. Jo gets in over her head trying to save Blair.

06/20/06     Arcade and Burn     28KB
Blair/Jo. Unrelated pair. Arcade had the pair running from Hell's Angels while Burn puts Jo through an emotional ringer.

10/21/06     Pending     26KB
Blair/Jo. Detective Jo Polniaczek runs into an old friend when she investigates a sudden death on Park Avenue.

10/21/06     Auction     4KB
Blair/Jo. Jo finds herself trailing behind Blair at a silent auction.

01/14/07     Art     23KB
Blair/Jo. Construction gets a lot more interesting.

06/09/07     Scholarship     43KB
Blair/Jo. Blair goes looking for Jo in the Bronx.

06/09/07     FoL Pair     11KB
Blair/Jo. Contains: Over the Moon and A Winter's Tale.

10/14/07     Memorable     14KB
Blair/Jo. The girls' last trip together before Jo's marriage doesn't go as planned.

11/12/07     31 Slices of Jo/Bliar Life     28KB
Blair/Jo. 31 looks at thier life together.

01/01/08     Lobby     14KB
Blair/Jo. Jo and Blair arrange to meet up over spring break.

01/27/08     Unrelated FoL Pair     11KB
Blair/Jo. Contains: Atlantic City and Death Duty.

Available at Passion & Perfection

Kodi Wolf

03/31/04     The Debutante and the Delinquent     41KB
Blair/Jo. Mrs. Garret gets tired of listening to the girls fighting, so she concocts a punishment that brings the two much closer than she'd intended.

Available at Kodi Wolf


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