Murder in Suburbia

femslash fan fiction for eReader


02/04/07     MiS 6 Pack     33KB
Ash/Scribbs. Contains:Stuck in a Rut; Something at First Sight; Oh No She Isn't; Forced Confession; One Night Stand; and Tell.

10/14/07     Forsaking All Others     20KB
Ash/Scribbs. Ash's mum has a fight with Ash's dad and shows up on Ash's doorstep, unannounced, with suitcase in hand.

11/12/07     Eight MiS One-Shots     39KB
Ash/Scribbs. Contains: Multi-tasking, Indecent Proposal, From the mouths of babes, Fantasy Island, Falling for You, More than one way to eat a peach, Around the Clock, and 'Fess Up!

01/01/08     Five Conversations between Ash and Scribbs     9KB
Ash/Scribbs. 6 conversations 1 to follow each of the episodes of the first series.

All available at Passion and Perfection


02/03/08     Going Undercover     22KB
Ash/Scribbs. A doctor at a fertility clinic is murdered, causing Ash and Scribbs to go undercover to find the killer.

02/03/08     Planes, Trains, and Automobiles     31KB
Ash/Scribbs. The intrepid duo is sent to New York City to attend an international seminar on terrorism.

02/03/08     A Dozen MiS Shorts     35KB
Ash/Scribbs. Contains:Uninhibited, Hearing is Believing, Coming Out of the Closet, Deadly Games, An Experiment in Seduction, Fashion Sense, Lending a Hand, A Matter of Style, 'O' for Two, The Bet, Trick-or-Treat and Trick of Treat.

02/17/08     Seven MiS Shorts     44KB
Ash/Scribbs. Contains:A Suburbia Christmas, Another Year has Gone By, Tea and Antipathy with a Splash of Rules, Shelter from the Storm, A Day to Remember, It Happened One Night and Rendering Aid.

02/17/08     Eight MiS Shorts     43KB
Ash/Scribbs. Contains:Undercover Operation, Blind Date, Christmas with the In-Laws, Fit To Be Tied, Miscommunication, New Year's in Suburbia, New Year's Eve: The Aftermath and The Odd Man Out.

07/27/08     Unrelated MiS Pair     22KB
Ash/Scribbs. Contains: The Mechanic and Operation Sabotage.

All available at Passion and Perfection


02/03/08     The Games People Play     12KB
Ash/Scribbs. Revenge is not always sweet.

02/17/08     Four More MiS Fics     20KB
Ash/Scribbs. Contains:To Rule or Not To Rule, Entomophobia, Not Going Home Tonight and Sweet Rules.

07/19/08     Oh Snap! (MiS)     14KB
Ash/Scribbs. Incriminating photographs start appearing in the oddest places throughout the station, and Ash is determined to catch the culprit before he or she reveals something truly scandalous.

All available at Passion and Perfection


02/04/07     Magic     4KB
Ash/Scribbs. Harry Potter? Notsomuch.

All available at Passion and Perfection


05/06/07     Random MiS 5     24KB
Ash/Scribbs. Contains: Sorry, Sorry, Pajama Game, Pleasure in the Pathless Woods, Photographic Evidence, and Girlfriend in a Coma.

07/14/07     Murder in Louisiana     19KB
Ash/Scribbs and Nikki/Nora. Crossover with Nikki & Nora. A case takes Ash and Scribbs to America where the partners are forced to work with an American team of detectives.

All available at Passion and Perfection


01/27/08     In for a Pound     26KB
Ash/Scribbs. Decisions... decisions...

01/27/08     MiS Two-some     13KB
Ash/Scribbs. Contains: Reason and Promise.

07/27/08     I Disappear (MiS)     7KB
Ash/Scribbs. To drink or not to drink?.

All available at Passion and Perfection


01/27/08     Guilty Until Proven Innocent     14KB
Ash/Scribbs. One of them is accused of murder.

All available at Passion and Perfection


02/04/07     MiS 12 Pack     40KB
Ash/Scribbs. Contains: The Claus; Tennis Etiquette; Tarte au Chocolate; Only Smarties have the Answer; Pre-Trial Nerves; Meet the Mrs; Late Night Surveillance; Keeping Quiet; Food for Thought; Building a Reputation; Bedmates; and Traffic Talk.

10/20/07     Random MiS 10     29KB
Ash/Scribbs. Contains: That Harpy!, Tattoo, Shakespeare and Balloons, Power Cut, Missed Opportunity?, Life's a Beach, Her One Night Stand, Ground Zero - Middleford, 11.19am, A Little Chat and Mommy Dearest.

01/01/08     Six More MiS Fics     13KB
Ash/Scribbs. Contains:It's Yours, The Results of Shopping, Scribbs, I Love You, Only Smarties have the Answer, Soggy Socks and Misunderstandings and Sullivan's Revenge.

07/19/08     MiS 5-Pack     29KB
Ash/Scribbs. Contains:The Wedding Dress, Christmas in Suburbia, Crime Scene Daydreams, Gone but Not Forgotten and Illuminations of the Past.

All available at Passion and Perfection


07/27/08     Got Body (MiS)     7KB
Ash/Scribbs. An ex-girlfriend from Scribb's pre-Ash past is involved in their new case.

All available at Passion and Perfection


02/04/07     MiS Unrelated Six     19KB
Ash/Scribbs. Contains:Pillow Talk; Little Black Dress; In the Giving; A Different Kind of Hero; That Old Black Magic; .

All available at Passion and Perfection


01/01/08     Random MiS Fics     27KB
Ash/Scribbs. Contains:Undercover Blues, The Appalling Flat Incident, A Country Christmas, Doing It Right, The Power of Imagination, Sleepless in Middleford, and That's my Line.

06/21/08     Lost (MiS)     32KB
Ash/Scribbs. Ash is faced with a choice; betray her principles or betray Scribbs.

07/19/08     Five MiS Shorts     24KB
Ash/Scribbs. Contains: Warm-up, Ash and Scribbs Go Meta, Bah Humbug, Christmas Bonus and Lingering.

All available at Passion and Perfection


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