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General Fiction [Cannon relationships are present but nothing graphic.]
Best Intentions     May 1998
Rollercoaster     May 1998

Femslash [Buffy/Willow - graphic.]
The Love Shack Series
Louder Than Words     Summer 1998
Points of View     April 6, 2000
Family & Friends     October 20, 2003
Love Shack for eReader
    The Love Shack Series is mentioned in a review of the origins of Buffy/Willow fic.
            See: The Origins of Wiffy.

SG-1 [Sam/Janet]
I Dream of Janet     written for the 2006 terylicious contest
Food for Thought     on femslash_fluff LJ community
Don't Cry for Me     on femslash_fluff LJ community
Revelations     on even_angels LJ community
Higher     on even_angels LJ community
For Want of a Nail     on femslash_fluff LJ community
Open Secret     on femslash_fluff LJ community

SVU [Alex/Olivia, unless noted.]
Work in Progress [As of June 4, 2006.]
Life (part 2)
Life (part 3)
Destination Unknown     on passion_perfect LJ community [Crossover with TOS, Olivia/Serena]
Random Conversations on the Connecticut Coast   on femslash_fluff LJ community for ralst's A State of Undress Fic-a-thon
Purification     on even_angels LJ community [Crossover with TOS, Olivia/Serena]
Scuffle     on femslash_fluff LJ community
Untitled     on even_angels LJ community
The Hallway     on even_angels LJ community
Lines     on svu100 LJ community
Jones Beach     on svu100 LJ community
Conspiracy     on svu100 LJ community
Name That Tune     on svu100 LJ community
Power Failure     on svu100 LJ community
Random Food     on svu100 LJ community
Idiot, Thy Name is Benson     on thursday100 LJ community
Oh Captain, My Captain     on thursday100 LJ community

Criminal Minds [Emily/JJ, unless noted.]
Lazy Days and Sundays     on cm_femslash LJ community

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