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Calle Dybedahl

08/28/05     Amazon Nation     70KB
Sam/Janet/Gabrielle. The SGC discovers a world of Amazons and sends an all female team lead by Cater and Fraiser. A treaty is negotiated.

09/03/05     Shifting Views     18KB
Sam/Janet/Alt-Sam. The quantum mirror opens a whole world of possibilities.

06/25/06     Outside Influences     28KB
Sam/Starbuck, Sam/Janet. Crossover with BSG. Hero's fix.

01/27/07     Midwinter     12KB
Sam/Janet. Holiday Hero's fix.

01/27/07     Unrelated SG-1 Pair     13KB
Sam/Janet. Contains:Art of the Ascended and The Tale of Princess Janet and Sir Carter.

01/27/07     Beginnings     36KB
Alt-Sam/Alt-Janet. Semi-Sequel to Shifting Views.

Available at cyberPoMo


05/08/05     Jolinar of Melkshur     124KB
Sam/Janet. Sam isn't quite herself.

05/15/05     Different Geometry     54KB
Sam/Janet. A mission to investigate a Celtic/Mayan culture leaves SG1 re-enacting ancient myths with Janet Fraiser unwittingly caught in the middle.

05/15/05     Unravel     38KB
Sam/Janet. Taylah Minh has everything she could ever want: a challenging career on a project that could change her world, a loving husband and a much wanted pregnancy. So why is she dreaming about a life as `Major Samantha Carter'?

05/15/05     A Series of Shorts     18KB
Sam/Janet. Unrelated snipets about our girls.

05/21/05     The Interlude Series     43KB
Sam/Janet. Days in the lives of our pair.

05/22/05     Chimaera the Way it Should Have Been     10KB
Sam/Janet. Self Explantiory.

06/05/05     Tis the Season     18KB
Sam/Janet. Who's whose secret santa?

06/05/05     Fury I & II     11KB
Sam/Janet. Worship gone wrong.

06/05/05     Saved the World Today     21KB
Sam/Janet. Sam plays hero.

06/11/05     Nine Shorts     78KB
Sam/Janet. More happenings with S & J.

07/04/05     Sugar and Spice Series     11KB
Sam/Janet. Comfort and solice only a lover can give.

07/10/05     Divide and Conquer     20KB
Sam/Janet. Episode fic.

07/10/05     Spell Series     194KB
Sam/Janet. Broken into three sections of three stories each.

08/28/05     Grace     58KB
Sam/Janet. A year in their lives.

10/01/05     All the Time in the World     33KB
Sam/Janet. Heros fix. A much older Sam changes the time line to correct the most aweful even in her life.

04/23/06     The Morning After     13KB
Sam/Janet. ...the night before...

04/23/06     Third Time's the Charm     53KB
Sam/Janet. SG1 minus Daniel are captured by a mysterious being. Their chosen champions must fulfil the quest to gain their freedom once more.

05/04/06     The Asgard     88KB
Sam/Janet. Our duo 'volunteer' to help the Asgard devise some strategies to counter the new Replicator threat. The Asgard gain new insight into human behaviour.

Available at Passion and Perfection and/or The Abydos Gate and/or Area 52


Amperstand Series
01/29/06 Life & Death and Search & Rescue 102KB
01/29/06 Forgive & Forget and Hide & Seak 119KB
02/05/06 Light & Dark and Then & Now 84KB
02/05/06 True & False and Cookies & Cream 62KB
02/25/06 Love & War and Flesh & Blood 171KB
02/25/06 Hours & Minutes and Wine & Roses 54KB
03/05/06 Naughty & Nice and Smoke & Mirrors 54KB
03/11/06 Bed & Breakfast and Friends & Lovers 47KB
04/02/06 Secret & Lies and T & A and Cats & Dogs 83KB

03/11/06     Mac for the Defense Series     54KB
Sam/Janet. Cross over with both Jag and the X-files. PWP, multiple partners.

03/25/06     SG-1 Series     363KB
Sam/Janet. Contains: Thirty Days and Firsts.

04/23/06     The Art Series     32KB
Sam/Janet. Third story written by John O'Connor.

05/14/06     Rescue Me     72KB
Sam/Janet. AU. Sam plays fireman.

05/21/06     SG-1 One Shots     47KB
Sam/Janet. Contains: Window Shopping, Where Sam Went, 10 to 1, The Amazingly Vast Properties and Possibilities of Denim, Faded Photographs, and Subtle Seduction.

05/06/07 Together Again, For The First Time 14KB
Sam/Janet. After Sam's return from Administrator Calder's slave camp, Janet has to remind her of their relationship.

05/06/07 Unrelated Sam/Janet 5 pack 35KB
Sam/Janet. Contains: Six Months and Twenty-Four Hours Ago, First Kiss, The Next Step, The Ribbons and The Object of Her Affection.

06/09/07 Dry Run 39KB
Sam/Janet. Janet asks Sam for a favor, which puts the major in an uncomfortable position.

Available at Realm of the Shadow


05/01/05     As One     133KB
Sam/AU Janet. A parallel universe gets over-run and an unexpected hero escapes into the SGC.

05/01/05     Something Good     34KB
Sam/Janet. Janet needs a stand-in date. Sam steps up, in more ways than one.

05/01/05     Elephant     9KB
Sam/Janet. A phone call, followed by dinner. Etc.

05/04/05     Impact     73KB
Sam/Janet. A simple car accident has serious consequences for Sam and Janet.

05/04/05     Family     59KB
Sam/Janet. An anniversary and a new friend spark some soul searching for Sam.

05/04/05     Tether     80KB
Sam/Janet. A shiny black box wreaks havoc on Sam and Janet's lives.

Available at Passion & Perfection


05/21/05     Wildfire     131KB
Sam/Janet. Janet’s unorthodox medical treatment of Sam during an off-world mission sets tongues wagging around the SGC and sparks a chain of events between the two women that neither could have predicted.

Available at The Abydos Gate


04/23/06     Falling Forward     44KB
Sam/Janet. Sam catches a clue and a whole lot more.

Available at Area 52


06/18/06     Four SG-1 Shorts     8KB
Sam/Janet. Contains: Higher, Revelations, Open Secret and For Want of a Nail.

Available at Vicarious Smoochies


01/27/08     Unrelated SG-1 Pair     9KB
Sam/Janet. Contains:The Day of Unfortunate Events and The Request.

Available at Passion & Perfection

Jennifer Mahony

05/21/05     Destiny's Mission     86KB
Sam/Janet. When close friends think they have all the time in the world, both fear risking their friendship too much to reveal their hidden desires. But when a routine mission sends SG-1 seven years into Earth's future, there's no time like the present.

Available at Passion & Perfection


04/23/06     First Time Pair     36KB
Sam/Janet. Contains: Missing You & Mirabile Visu.

Available at Area 52


03/04/07     Almost Too Late     83KB
Sam/Janet. Heros Fix.

Available at Area 52


03/05/06     Santa Who     6KB
Sam/Janet and various other fanfic pairings. A new holiday classic.

06/20/06     Five SG-1 Shorts     42KB
Sam/Janet. Contains: Philosophical Sunday, Mortality is the Greatest Enemy, Lean on us, all of us…, Denim Tush, one careful owner, not for sale… and Tell me it's not real…

04/19/08     Alien Defence     63KB
Sam/Mac. Crossover with JAG. Samantha Carter needs a lawyer and gets rather more than she might have otherwise expected when the 'original' SG1 reform (minus Daniel) for another tangle with the Replicators deep in Asgard space.

Available at: Detached from Reality

ocean gazer

07/02/05     Eco-Friendly     33KB
Sam/Janet. An alien world leads to all kinds of new ways of looking at things.

07/02/05     Imitations     53KB
Sam/Janet. More strange happenings off world. A unusual melding of SG-1 and X-Men.

07/04/05     Clueless     55KB
Sam/Janet. When Carter acts strangely after a mission, it’s left to Fraiser to find out why.

07/14/05     Lines in the Sand     43KB
Sam/Janet. After a traumatic event, Sam and Janet have feelings to sort out.

07/14/05     Fight Club     5KB
Sam/Janet. Sam fights to save herself and Janet when they are taken prisoner.

07/14/05     Statements     23KB
Sam/Janet. So, what did Urgo say to Sam about Janet?.

07/14/05     Unrelated Pair     12KB
Sam/Janet. Contains Drive and Hands.

10/01/05     A Dawn in Every Darkness     19KB
Sam/Janet. Post Heros. Janet dies, but there is hope for her and the people she loves. Emotional and agnsty but very rewarding.

04/14/06     Never Too Late to Change     10KB
Sam/Janet. Post 'Grace' vacation.

01/27/07     Um... Untitled     91KB
Sam/Janet. Never go on vaction with SG-1.

02/18/07     Unrelated SG-1 Threesome     50KB
Sam/Janet. Contains: Thanksgiving Vignette; Where Angels Fear To Tread and Different Types of Need.

Available at Pink Rabbit and/or Area 52 and/or

Passion & Perfection

John O'Connor

06/12/05     Urgo's Challenge     10KB
Sam/Janet. Urgo's insistent demands cause Sam to act completely out of character.

06/12/05     Legacy: The Real Story     11KB
Sam/Janet. Machello's anti-Goa'uld virus causes some unusual reactions in Janet Fraiser.

07/02/05     The Family Series     173KB
Sam/Janet. Ten stories showing how a family thrives.

07/04/05     Gift of the Amazons     177KB
Sam/Janet. Follows The Family Series. Sam leads her own SG team to an unique new world.

07/02/05     The Challenge     18KB
Sam/Janet. Jack O'Neil plays match maker.

07/17/05     Echoes     46KB
Sam/Janet. Life; times two.

07/19/05     Passages     17KB
Sam/Janet. Life; times two.

07/20/05     The Vegas Strip     27KB
Sam/Janet. SG-1 does vegas; you do the math.

08/28/05     Bored     10KB
Sam/Janet. The trouble two women can get into...

08/28/05     The Emergency Stand-by Date     15KB
Sam/Janet. Dancing awakens feelings.

08/28/05     Pairings     14KB
Sam/Janet. Who's have guessed our ladies like fanfic.

09/03/05     Something in the Air     18KB
Sam/Janet. After exposure to an alien lifeform, Sam stays with Janet and their relationship changes drastically.

Available at Area 52

Susan P.

09/25/05     Drawn to the Rhythm     4KB
Sam/Janet. Janet finds Sam showering in the SGC locker room and gets a pleasant surprise.

Available at A Light Left On


06/11/06     Unrelated SG-1 Pair     5KB
Sam/Janet. Contains: Clay Figure and Chocolate Lunch.

Available at Passion & Perfection

The Raven

06/12/05     Forsaken     9KB
Sam/Janet. Stuck on an uninhabited planet, Sam and Janet are forced to go a bit cavewoman as they await a long overdue rescue....

Available at Passion & Perfection


The Ancient Air Series
06/19/05     Book One: The Tea Rose     129KB
06/19/05  Book Two: Catch Me in a Dream  186KB
Sam/Janet. They save the universe. A lot.

06/23/05 Better Than Bubblewrap 10KB
Sam/Janet. Fluff and more fluff.

09/13/05 The Beat of a Heart 44KB
Sam/Janet. Making a list; checking it twice.

Available at RocketChick's HomePage


03/11/06     Gaia     258KB
Sam/Janet, Gabrielle/Xena. AU Xena Crossover. More Amazons, more problems.

03/19/06 Though They Sink Through the Sea 74KB
Sam/Janet. Heros fix.

03/19/06 Who Talks of Vicotry, Surviving is All 21KB
Sam/Janet. Crossover with SG-A. Another Heros fix. Very different.

03/18/07 Back from the Abyss 21KB
Sam/Janet. Samantha has a hard time dealing with Janet's death. She drinks and neglects her work until someone comes to help her.

03/18/07 Be Omen To Me And Oracle 35KB
Sam/Janet. Continuation of Who Talks of Vicotry, Surviving is All.

Available at Area 52


05/06/05     Second Kiss Series     19KB
Sam/Janet. Second and third dates sizzle.

05/06/05     Overcome by Events     40KB
Sam/Janet. Janet asks Sam to attend a play. Is she looking for a friendly companion or something more?.

05/15/05     Unrelated Trio     25KB
Sam/Janet. Contains: The Uniform - Formal Dress, Field Grade, Closing Wounds and Billiards for the Advanced Player. All adult in nature.

09/13/05     Custody     32KB
Sam/Janet. A social worker investigates Cassandra Fraiser's home situation, and while the boys at the SGC circle the wagons, the outside interference puts a strain on Sam and Janet's relationship.

09/17/05     SG-1 3-Pack     34KB
Sam/Janet. Contains: Kissing Sam Carter, Find a Room and Local Customs.

04/23/06     I Never Wanted This to Happen     29KB
Sam/Janet. Janet's injured when assailants come to her house looking for Cassandra. While O'Neill and Teal'c investigate, Sam nurses her friend.

05/28/06     How Much This Hurts     7KB
Sam/Janet. Orlin invades Sam's house and even Janet doesn't believe her.

Available at Rysler's Stargate Stories


01/22/06     Too Much Beer and the Bass Beat     55KB
Sam/Janet. A new race comes to the aid of SG-1 off world.

01/22/06     Unrelated Pair     18KB
Sam/Janet. One AU, two excuses for some lovin'.

01/22/06     The Dark Series     25KB
Sam/Janet. Oxygen deprivation leads to personal discoveries.

01/22/06     Bridge Between Worlds     13KB
Sam/Scully. Crossover. A rescue from a bar.

Available at ShatterStorm Productions


05/04/08     Another Break in the Wall (SG-1)     17KB
Sam/Janet. Also contains the sequel: What is and What Should Always Be.

Available at Passion & Perfection


01/22/06     Torment of Two Series     38KB
Sam/Janet. .

02/05/06     More & Always and In All Ways     4KB
Sam/Janet. A short poem. A letter.

Available at ShatterStorm Productions

Strix varia

07/20/05     Ten-Thousand Suns     30KB
Sam/Janet. A trip through an emotional ringer. But very satisfying.

Available at Area 52


09/09/06     Sam/Vala Trio     8KB
Sam/Vala. Contains:.

03/04/07     Deja Vu All Over Again     32KB
Sam/Janet. Alternate - 'Window of Opportunity'.

Available at Area 52


09/13/05     Siberian Heat     14KB
Sam/f. A Russian scientist helps Sam see what her heart wants.

Available at Passion & Perfection

09/17\/05     SG-1 Pair     24KB
Sam/Janet. Contains: 100 Days and Not Like This.

Available at ShatterStorm Productions

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