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11/09/04     Finding My Place     7KB
Casey/Olivia - Things aren't as antagonistic as it seems.

Available at: Passion & Perfection


06/09/07     Open to Persuasion     201KB
Alex/Olivia. Post Ghost, Alex accepts a temporary assignment to SVU for unconvincing reasons.

01/01/08     Drinks Series     81KB
Alex/Olivia. Twenty drinks shared by Alex and Olivia and various others.

Available at: Passion & Perfection


07/19/08     A Case in Point (TBJ/SVU)     14KB
Crossover with TBJ. Olivia/Alex & Tracey/Kelly. Tracey is assigned to present a case to the Grand Jury, a case she clearly doesn’t want.

Available at: Wackyland


05/07/04     The Southerlyn Series     63KB
No romantic pairing. Olivia/Serena friendship. SVU/Mothership xover. Contains Stalking Serena and Saving Southerlyn.

Available at: Wackyland


03/05/05     Making a Move     10KB
Alex/Olivia. Crossed signals = angst.

Available at: SVU Fanfiction Archive


01/27/07     Vinyard Lights     55KB
Alex/Olivia. Alex invites Olivia to spend a long weekend with her on Martha's Vineyard.

01/27/07     Cabot Legacy     19KB
Alex/Olivia. Olivia's life changes drastically during Alex's absence.

Available at: Passion & Perfection


04/13/04     The Take Down     67KB
Alex/Olivia - Olivia's sure, Alex is not, angst all round.

10/27/04     Unrelated Trio     16KB
Alex/Olivia - Contains: The Calm Before the Storm, Can't Buy Me Love and Fighting Fate

10/27/04     Unrelated Quad     17KB
Alex/Olivia - Contains: Further Down, Putting It Out There, Season of Change and Waking to Whispers in the Dark.

Available at: Passion and Perfection


10/23/04     3 Random Shorts     8KB
2 deep Alex/Olivia pieces and 1 irreverent piece of humor to the extreme.

Available at: Passion and Perfection


09/14/05     Battle Cries and Champagne     48KB
Alex/Olivia. Maybe this happened before Loss, or maybe Loss never happened and Alex never left.

Available at: SVU Fiction


05/23/05     Light in the Shadows     240KB
Alex/Olivia. Action packed, case driven story with some nice romance. And Alex with a gun...

Available at: Passion and Perfection


10/15/04     Four Stories     206KB
Includes: Texas Hold 'Er: Abbie/Olivia; Circumstances Beyond Control: Olivia/Lilly, SVU/Cold Case crossover; Captive: Olivia/Alex; A New Leaf: Olivia/f

11/21/04     Circumstances Beyond Control     55KB
Cross-over with Cold Case: Lilly/Olivia - More of Olivia's past revealed in Philadelphia.

11/21/04     And the Cradle Will Rock     41KB
Cross-over with Cold Case: Lilly/Olivia - A disturbing case connects Phili and NYC and reunites Olivia and Lilly.

01/07/05     Running with the Devil     39KB
Cross-over with Cold Case: Lilly/Olivia - Olivia isn't the only one with a past.

04/02/05     Unchained     28KB
Cross-over with Cold Case: Lilly/Olivia - The past comes to the present affecting the future of three women.

11/07/04     Dirty Little Secret     48KB
Cross-over with Head of State: Nikki/Olivia - Mistaken identity and Liv gets to deck a Senator!

11/21/04     Out in the Open     30KB
Cross-over with Head of State: Alex/Olivia - Continuation of Dirty Little Secret - the return of our ADA

02/22/05   Texas Hold'er & Forgive Us Our Trespasses   143KB
Abbie/Olivia - AU; Post Loss; A lawyer. A Cop. Very different choices.

07/10/05   Infanticipation   33KB
Abbie/Olivia - AU; Follows Texas Hold'er and Forgive Us Our Trespasses. A family grows.

01/30/05     Waterfall     46KB
Olivia/Abbie - Murder most foul leads to the return of Abbie. (Not a continuation of Texas Hold 'er)

09/11/05     Flashpoint     9KB
Olivia/Alex - AU - A flasher and a twist on an old favorite.

Available at: Passion and Perfection

Connecticut McPhee

01/07/06     3 Lines (or The Mighty Fin)     12KB

01/13/06     Obscured by the Darkness     128KB

01/13/06     The Shattering and Putting the Pieces Back Together     53KB
Alex/Olivia - Olivia the Stud.

02/25/06     Old Ghosts, New Habits     7KB
Alex/Olivia - Uber-esque 1940s romp.

04/23/06     All It Takes Is A Little Tough Love     12KB
Olivia/Casey - Olivia is well known in a establishment that causes her no end of embarassment.

06/11/06     Dusty Boots & Girly Cahoots     154KB
Alex/Olivia - SVU moves to the old west.

Available at: The SVU Fanfiction Archive


05/15/05     Unrelated Pair     15KB
Alex/Olivia - Contains: Believe It & Addictions

Available at: Passion and Perfection


03/13/05     Proximity Control     100KB
Alex/Olivia - Just how rich is Alex?

Available at: Passion and Perfection


08/10/04     Living     7KB
Alex/Abbie - Alex contemplates the woman she loves.

02/06/05     New     7KB
Alex/Abbie - Sequel to Living - Abbie takes a turn.

Available at: Realm of the Shadow


09/05/04     A/O Do the Olympics     3KB
Alex/Olivia - The Olympic spirit brings out the best in our girls.

12/12/04     An Unrelated Trio     20KB
Alex/Olivia - Contains: Knockout, Mama Said and Tease.

12/12/04     Another Unrelated Trio     13KB
Alex/Olivia - Contains: Til Death Do Us Part, Blawg and Order and Job Security.

12/12/04     Silly 5 Pack     8KB
Alex/Olivia - Contains: Silly Court Thing, Silly Exhibit Thing, Silly Manhunt Thing, Silly Parking Lot Thing and Silly Strip Search Thing.

12/12/04     Silly 5 Pack - II     10KB
Alex/Olivia - Contains: Silly Thanksgiving Thing, Silly Coma Thing, Silly Fuzzy-Memory Thing, Silly Phone Call Thing and Silly Psychic Thing.

12/19/04     Retreat I & II     10KB
Alex/Olivia - Lawyers on holiday... what will they do for fun?

01/30/05     Silly Six Pack     25KB
Alex/Olivia - Contains: Silly Housekeeping Thing, Silly Stranded Thing, Silly Motive Thing, Silly Mistletoe Thing, Silly Quitting Thing and Silly Heroics Thing.

01/30/05     Unrelated Pair     23KB
Alex/Olivia - Contains: Samaritan (Alex is attacked and Olivia goes overboard) and Non-Working Dinner (It's a date and Olivia moves heaven and earth to make it happen).

03/15/05     Silly 4-some     22KB
Alex/Olivia - Contains: Silly Defamation Thing, Silly Elevator Thing, Silly Film at 11 Thing and Silly Ghost Thing.

05/08/05     Unrelated Pair - Take 2     25KB
Alex/Olivia - Contains: Manhattan Melodrama (Olivia breaks procedure and lands flat on her back) and Game (Olivia is the happiest woman in the world).

06/11/05     Silly 4-some II     21KB
Alex/Olivia - Contains: Silly Overtime Thing, Silly Lottery Thing, Silly Bored Alex Thing and Silly Clarence Darrow Thing.

07/10/05     Unrelated Trio III     19KB
Alex/Olivia - Contains: Olivia the Closer, Sensitivity Training and Moonlighting.

Available at: Passion and Perfection


05/17/05  Arms of the Angel  7KB
Alex/Olivia - Hitting bottom. Bouncing back.

09/17/05  Diamonds and Rust  48KB
Olivia/Casey & Alex/female - After a decade in WWP, Alex returns to NYC to find a vastly different life waiting for her. (I am a die-hard A/O shipper and O/C is usually far from my cup of tea - but diNovia has woven a tail worth everyone's time.)

09/17/05  Stabler's Roses  4KB
Crossover with Trial by Jury. Olivia/Casey & Tracey/Kelly. Elliot keeps putting his foot in it.

09/17/05  Therapeutic Touch  21KB
Olivia/Casey. Olivia is stressed. Casey helps.

09/17/05  O/C Trio  11KB
Olivia/Casey. Contains The Eyes Have It, Candy Girl and Full Blown Rose.

Available at: Passion and Perfection


01/23/04     DNA     35KB
Alex/Olivia - A mystery finally solved and Alex ends up in jail.

01/25/04     Out of the Game     37KB
Alex/Olivia - Years post Loss. Will Alex return or break Olivia's heart?

03/10/04     Four Unrelated Shorts     35KB
Alex/Olivia - Includes four short stories: Fringe, Nothing, Icescapades & Rebuttal.

04/26/04     Four More Shorts     63KB
Alex/Olivia - Includes four short stories: Driven, Messages, Hard Feelings & Saturday.

08/09/04     Three More Shorts     45KB
Alex/Olivia - Includes three short stories: Chasing Alex, Forget Flowers and Downfall. Do NOT miss Downfall.

08/17/04     Deadline     36KB
Alex/Olivia - Alex goes after big fish and the fish bite back. Olivia to the rescue!!

08/17/04     Yet Three More Shorts     44KB
More Alex and Olivia goodness - Includes: Must-See TV, Happy Holidays and Questioned.

06/11/05     Taxi     31KB
Alex/Olivia - An undercover assignments goes wrong and Alex pays the price.

06/12/05     Juror No. 6     12KB
Alex/Olivia - While Alex does her civic duty, Olivia goes undercover.

06/12/05     Campaign     29KB
Alex/Olivia - Alex runs for DA and Olivia is feeling a little left out.

08/28/05     Petition     58KB
Alex/Olivia - Alex cleans up a bad section of town. Olivia helps.

All available at: Passion and Perfection


01/14/07  Who's Teaching Who?  8KB
Alex/Olivia - Alex is full of surprises.

Available at: Passion & Perfection

02/18/07  Why Didn't You Call Me?  9KB
Alex/Olivia - Set in the Conviction universe.     [HTML]


05/26/04  The Last of the True Believers  22KB
Alex/Olivia - A case gone bad leads to a meeting of minds and bodies.

01/07/06   The Waking   8KB
Alex/Olivia - A late night call gives Olivia a lot to think about.

01/07/06   Si Vis Amari, Ama   15KB
Alex/Serena - Crossover with Law & Order. Alex makes a move.

Available at: Endless Voyager

Foolish Heart

10/01/05  The One True Thing  72KB
Alex/Olivia - When a rape trial goes horribly wrong thanks to a key witness' changing testimony, Olivia and the rest of the detectives are forced to find a way to redeem themselves in the eyes of Alex Cabot. During this time, Olivia tries to change the way Alex looks at her.

01/07/06   A Quad of SVU   63KB
Olivia/Casey - Contains: Curiocity, This Kiss, Christmas Present. And one Alex angst - Post Loss Fic.

Available at: Passion and Perfection

Ki Finn

03/17/04     No Gentle Desires     13KB
Alex/Olivia - BDSM warning. Truths are revealed. Roles are played. Is this happily ever after?

03/14/04  The Dance of the Vulnerable  21KB
Olivia/Casey - A series of ten shorts.

Both available at: Wackyland


05/28/06     Best of the Worst Choices     14KB
Alex/Olivia, Olivia/Helen. Crossover with Bad Girls. Extradition from Britian.

09/04/06     Electric     12KB
Alex/Olivia. A strange re-writing of Loss where you'll need to suspend your disbelief. Supernatural themes.

Available at: Passion & Perfection


02/18/04     Interruptions     8KB
Alex/Olivia - The story behind the dress.

06/24/04     Slaying Saint George     210KB
Alex/Other & Alex/Abbie - Multi show crossover - very character driven piece.

Available at: Realm of the Shadow


08/01/04     Spark     86KB
Alex/Olivia - Life kicks Olivia in the ass when she's looking the other way.

09/04/04     Hybrid     72KB
Alex/Olivia - Sequel to Spark. A trip to Nebraska.

12/12/04     Synthesis     82KB
Alex/Olivia - Sequel to Hybrid. Olivia takes it personally.

Available at: Passion and Perfection

K Heather & Niki

06/11/04   Higher Profiling & Privacy   172KB
Alex/Olivia - A new relationship and problems gallore.

07/18/04     Gone     82KB
Alex/Olivia - The continuation of Higher Profiling & Privacy.

Available at: SVU Fan Fiction at 4 Cats Productions


03/14/04     Balancing Act     44KB
Alex/Abbie - A pairing we don't get to see much of, but an interesting dynamic none-the-less.

03/22/04     The Myth of Closure     30KB
Olivia/Abbie - Issues abound.

05/01/04     Knee Deep     7KB
Olivia/Alex - Written for the SVU Ficathon04 over at the Live Journal community. On again. Off again. All witnessed by a little red fish.

All available at: Between Bellvue & Rikers


07/18/04     The Drinks Series     44KB
Alex/Olivia - A three story series: Coffee, Taquila and Splash of Gin. Two ADAs and ex-ADA and a Detective. What could possibly happen?

10/18/04     An Unrealted Trio     28KB
Alex/Olivia - Contains: Futile, Crossroads and Illumination.

01/09/05     Cinema Paradiso     5KB
Alex/Olivia - Movie night.

Available at: Passion and Prefection


03/11/06     Coming Out Series     15KB
Alex/Olivia, others - Elliot has issues.

09/21/08     Conflict of Interest     KB
Removed at Author's Request

Available at: Passion and Perfection


04/27/04     In as Little as 48 Hours...     35KB
Alex/Olivia - Post Loss. Valez is killed in a DEA shoot-out. Olivia goes to bring Alex back to NYC.

Available at: Passion and Perfection


10/18/04     Held Within the Beat of Your Heart     171KB
Alex/Olivia - An intense look at the fear of our inner selves and our desires and the way two people come to terms with a situation no one should have to endure.
Warning: This story deals with the aftermath of sexual assault and with love, friendship and extreme sexuality between women. It is unsuitable for minors due to sensitive subject matter, explicit language and graphic depictions of sexuality. If you are 18 or over, read on at your own peril, pleasure and interest.

Available at: Passion and Perfection


01/01/08     Tabula Rasa     17KB
Alex/Olivia. Olivia's life turns upside-down overnight, much to her dismay.

01/27/08     Three Unrelated SVU Fics     8KB
Alex/Olivia. Contains:The City That Never Sleeps, A Different Kind of Pain & Weak Spot of Alexandra Cabot.

Available at: Passion and Perfection

C Maroukian

08/10/04     You Missed a Spot     7KB
Alex/Abbie - The morning after the night before.

Available at: Passion and Perfection


09/11/05     Forever and For Always     62KB
Alex/Olivia - Post Loss - how do they deal?

11/13/07     Star Struck     83KB
Alex/Olivia - The appearance of a movie star in New York sets in motion changes for Alex, Olivia and Casey.

Available at: Passion and Perfection


03/29/04     Two Shorts     8KB
Alex/Olivia - Contains both Courage Under Pressure and Chasing the Demons.

Available at: Passion and Perfection

Mikee Pm

08/17/04     The Stalker Series     13KB
Alex/Olivia - Warning: Extremely dark and possibly disturbing for some readers. Please use your discretion. Olivia has wants and desires...

Available at: Uber Select


10/27/04     Uniform     5KB
Alex/Olivia - Alex has a thing for women in uniform...

Available at: Passion and Perfection


05/02/04     Parallel Lines     7KB
Casey/Olivia - Angst riden look at a newer pairing that doesn't ignore the past.

Not available in HTML


01/29/05     Unrelated Trio     15KB
Alex/Olivia - Contains: Lazy Sunday, DVD Fluff Series and It's Englsih Liv, But Not as You Know It

03/05/06     Santa Who     6KB
Alex/Olivia and various other fanfic pairings. A new holiday classic.

08/05/06     The Choose Series     37KB
Alex/Olivia. Awful news about family brings out the best in friends.

09/09/06     One Dance, That's All     8KB
Alex/Olivia. You know the 'what' - find out the 'where'.

01/14/07     Twas the Night before Christmas     16KB
Alex/Olivia. Kinda self explainitory.

03/18/07     (SVU) Cold Feet, Cold Case, Warm Heart     205KB
Alex/Olivia. Mirror crossover with CSI. Olivia's been promoted - how long will it last?

Available at: Passion & Perfection


01/22/04     Apparitions     5KB
Alex/Olivia - Perhaps the most highly erotic short from any fandom. Just one question: how did Alex get out of her panty hose?

01/25/04     Post Fallacy Series     86KB
Alex/Olivia - Contains both Origins and Confindence.

03/22/04     Sway     16KB
Alex/Olivia - A detective, an ADA, a bathroom stall. Wow.

01/09/05     Grease Monkey     16KB
Alex/Olivia - AU: Olivia as a mechanic... w00t!!

Available at: The Crash Room

Katherine Quinn

10/23/04  Four Shorts  10KB
Alex/Olivia - Includes: Beautiful Blonde, Attraction, August Night and Crazy - all unrealted

10/23/04  Four More Shorts  6KB
Alex/Olivia - Includes: Early, 100 WOrd Mini-Fics, Insomnia and Post Coital - all unrealted

12/19/04  Coming Out, Staying In  6KB
Alex/Olivia - epic, plain and simple. Two fearously independent women fight friends, family and each other to combine their lives.

Available at: Passion and Perfection


09/13/05  Blue Christmas  70KB
Alex/Olivia - Holidays are stressful.

Available at: Passion and Perfection

Katie Ramsey

11/09/04  Reckless to Forget  12KB
Casey/Olivia - Hard case. Consistant method of relief.

Available at: Passion and Perfection


08/17/04  First Moments & One of the Family  7KB
Alex/Olivia - The first morning after and Olivia meets Alex's dad.

09/04/04  The Undesirables  10KB
Alex/Olivia - a pair of independent stories where Alex and Olivia endure various others encroaching on their time.

06/11/05  Eight Unrelated Shorts  18KB
Alex/Olivia - for the most part. Threw in a Liz/Casey just to make you appreciate A/O all the more.

03/05/06  Butches & Femmes Anonymouses  6KB
Alex/Olivia and various other fanfic pairs. Holiday stress.

11/12/06  SVU 6 Pack  15KB
Alex/Olivia. Contains: A Quiet Drive, Practice Makes Perfect, OliviaElliotForever!, Bitch Indeed, Beneath Me, and Did You Write This!

Available at: Passion and Perfection

Del Robinson

03/05/06  Who Killed Santa  23KB
Alex/Olivia and various other fanfic pairs. A holiday mystery.

03/19/06  Five SVU Shorts  28KB
Alex/Olivia. Lots of fun with our favorite pair.

01/14/07  Night In A Haunted Courthouse  KB
Alex/Olivia. Lots of fun with our favorite pair.

01/14/07  Night In A Haunted Courthouse  7KB
Alex/Olivia - Submitted for the Halloween challenge on Passion & Perfection.

Available at: Passion and Perfection


05/06/05     Another Dead Girl in New York     13KB
Cross-over with SVU - Lilly/Olivia. A cold case in Phili intersects with a current case in NYC.

05/06/05     Amicus Curiae     19KB
Alex/Olivia. No spoilers for Loss/Ghost, just a good old-fashioned crime drama, first-time story.

10/01/05     Donlan & Purgatory     19KB
Crossover with TBJ. Alex/Tracey. The defendant in a sexual abuse trial is shot over an alleged drug deal and Alex must work with the prosecutor handling the new case.

04/14/06     Gilmore x SVU     35KB
Crossover with Gilmore Girls. Alex/Lorelai. Four unrelated shorts. WPP in Connecticut.

Available at Rysler's Fan Fiction


01/27/04     The Guardian Angel     8KB
Alex/Olivia - A wonderful short - the way TPTB should be.

01/27/04 The Path of Most Resistance 101KB
Abbie/Original Character & Alex/Olivia - What is it with Abbie and straight women?

Both available at: Passion and Perfection


07/06/04     Lost and Found     41KB
Alex/Olivia - A snow storm strands our fav couple. What will they do? ::sarcasm::

02/05/06     Unrelated Trio     12KB
Alex/Olivia - all from the winter 2005 advent calendar.

Available at: Frisked & Conquered

Stone Angel

01/16/05     The Gift     54KB
Crossover with CSI. Catherine/Olivia with shades of Olivia/Alex and Catherine/Sara. Christmas shopping gets interesting.

Available at: Passion and Perfection


05/07/04     Memory Extant     27KB
Alex/Olivia, Abbie/Olivia - Olivia has a thing for ADAs.

Available at: Between Bellvue and Rikers

08/01/04     Half-Life     10KB
Alex/Olivia - Post 'Loss' coping, sort of.

09/21/08     The Last Good Fall (SVU)     10KB
Alex/Olivia & Olivia/Abbie. A/U - It's lonely in hell.

Both available at: Passion and Perfection

12/19/04     Where Stalking is Heard an Encouraging Word     10KB
Alex/Olivia, shades of Abbie/Olivia - What was colides with what is.

Available at: Thursday 100 Plus

02/06/05     Beyond the Valley of SVU     15KB
Alex/Olivia - Relationships are a soap opera - literally.

Available at: Between Bellvue and Rikers


10/23/04     Contradiction     6KB
Alex/Olivia - An Olivia character study from Alex's Point of View

Available at: Passion and Perfection


02/24/04     Blue Dress     8KB
Alex/Olivia - Pure unadulterated smut fic. No socially redeeming qualities whatsoever!! (author's comments)

05/23/04  Confessions of a Superwhore  11KB
Alex/Olivia & Olivia/Other - Crossover. Olivia's relaxing evening lands her in jail.

04/14/06  Business or Pleasure  6KB
Alex/Sara. Crossover with CSI. Yet another place for Alex to go for WP.

Both available at: Passion and Perfection


02/04/04     A Series in Four Parts     128KB
Alex/Olivia - Contains all four stories: Consent, Repercussions (parts 1 & 2), Secrets and Lies, The Quality of Mercy.

Available at: Woodstock's Fiction



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