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Kiki Dee

06/18/04     Blonde/Redhead     385KB
Crossover with ER. Temporral displacementsends Seven to 20th century Chicago - any doubt that Janeway follows. Janeway/Seven & Kerry/Kim.

06/28/04     Cycle Complete     35KB
Back on Voyager Janeway and Seven continue on. Janeway/Seven.
Both available at A Light Left On

05/07/04     The Lubalian Rose     76KB
Fairy Tales do come true. Janeway/Seven.

04/19/04     Perfectly Human     293KB
Would Janeway still having feelings for her resident Borg if Seven were truly human? Janeway/Seven.

Both available at Paradoxical F/F Archive


03/29/04     Arte/Scienza     78KB
What will it take to allow Seven to see the 'art' in life after knowing only 'science'? Janeway/Seven. (not currently available in HTML)

04/16/04     Queen of Hearts     200KB
I'm a die-hard Janeway/Seven 'shipper but this is just an awesome story on so many levels. Give it a read, you won't be disappointed. B'Elanna/Seven.

05/14/06     Getting Past It     7KB
Post wedding. B'Elanna/Seven.

Available at Passion and Perfection


02/03/08     Four Unrelated Voyager Shorts     11KB
Janeway/Seven. Contains:And I Remember Your Voice, and the Sound of Goodbye, Five Things that Might or Might Not Have Happened to Kathryn Janeway, Across a Broad Expanse of Sky and Drowning.

02/17/08     The Nature of... Series     187KB
Janeway/Seven. Contains 3 inter-related piece on Evil, Love and Faith.

Available at: Endless Voyager


04/02/06     The Stardate Series     6KB
Janeway/Seven. Inner mussings.

Available at: Kathi's Stuff


03/05/06     Santa Who     6KB
Janeway/Seven and various other fanfic pairings. A new holiday classic.

Available at: Passion & Perfection

08/12/06     One small step for Kathryn, one giant leap for the Admiral...     33KB
Janeway/Seven. Captain Harry Kim's taking Voyager back to the Delta Quadrant, but the question that all of Starfleet seems to want to know the answer to is are the rumours true?

01/14/07     Collective Responsibility     11KB
Janeway/Seven. Continuation of "One Small Step..." Voyager's going back to the Delta Quadrant with a new Captain and a new Chief Engineer, but how do Seven and Kathryn fit in?

Available at: Detached from Reality


12/19/04     Advantage Point     23KB
Janeway/Seven. Voyager's crew is back in the Alpha Quadrant and everything seems like business as usual.

Available at NomdePlume's Fan Fiction

Susan P.

09/25/05     I Forgot to Tell You     17KB
Janeway/Seven. Seven came face to face with her own mortality in "Imperfection" (7th season). What effects might this experience have on her, on Janeway, and on their relationship?.

09/25/05     Unrelated Pair     23KB
Janeway/Seven. Contains: You What, Doctor? and What Happens Next.

Available at A Light Left On


05/12/04     Wish     23KB
An alien has Seven acting stranger than normal. Janeway/Seven, B'Ellana/Other.

Available at Shehulk's Hideaway


05/19/04     By Thirds     89KB
Janeway/Janeway/Seven. A unique take on a threesome.

05/02/04     The 4 Pips Club     26KB
Fan Fic in the 24th century - Voyager style...   Janeway/Seven.

05/13/04     Personal Time     11KB
Janeway helps Seven discover even more about her humanity. Janeway/Seven.

05/21/04     Rain & Sensations     79KB
Two unrelated stories for one download. Janeway/Seven.

05/06/04     Sustenance & Adaptations     159KB
Impossible to give a synopsis without giving away the stories. Just read them, you won't be sorry. Janeway/Seven.

05/02/04     Transported     86KB
Two words: Transporter Accident. You do the math. Janeway/Seven.

All available at the Delta Quadrant of Venus


04/24/04     When is a Kiss not a Kiss?     37KB
Seven gives ambush a whole new meaning. Janeway/Seven.

Available at Kathryn's Korner Too

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