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07/19/08     WMC Series (J/C)     13KB
Jill/Cindy. Cindy's latest assignment has her looking into shady goings on at one of the local gay bars, so she decides to go undercover, with the help of a 'date'.

Available at Passion & Perfection


06/21/08     Even Superwoman Hurts (L/C)     13KB
Lindsay/Cindy. Can Lindsay solve the case of the ‘kiss me not’ killer before it’s too late? Or will the killers next victim be Lindsay herself, or worse, someone she loves.

Available at Passion & Perfection

Inspector Boxer

07/19/08     The Soup Series (WMC - J/C)     19KB
Jill/Cindy. Cindy tends to a flu-stricken Jill and then work some stuff out.

09/21/08     Unrelated WMC Pair     12KB
Lindsay/Jill. Jill and Lindsay find a way to pass the time while they're stuck in an elevator. And: Jill/Cindy. In the back of a patrol car. Any questions?

Available at Passion & Perfection

Liz Estrada

01/01/08     Charge of the Lite Brigade L/C     23KB
Lindsay/Cindy. This is like my fantasy episode (if it were written by a hobbyist hack with femslash leanings). The case is a bit time compressed, and is viewed almost solely from Cindy’s position, so I skimped on the cop details.

02/03/08     Hang Fire L/C     23KB
Lindsay/Cindy. Sequel to Charge of the Lite Brigade. A hang fire happens when a primer, having been triggered, somehow smolders without actually firing or exploding - a scary and frustrating concept when applied to firearms, justice, and dating. This story spends more crime time with Lindsay than its predecessor, Charge of the Lite Brigade… but it ends in a much nicer place.

05/04/08     WMC Shorts L/J     19KB
Lindsay/Jill. Contains: Train in Vain and The Good Pinot Noir Digression of 2007.

05/04/08     Three More in the Series L/C     91KB
Lindsay/Cindy. Sequels to Charge of the Lite Brigade and Hang Fire. Contains: A Knuckle Down Christmas, Death and Syntaxes and Serendipity.

07/19/08     In the Weeds (L/C)     72KB
Lindsay/Cindy. Sequels to Charge of the Lite Brigade, Hang Fire and Three More in the Series. KMN claims more victims and strikes directly at the club. Last in a series of six loosely related WMC stories.

Available at Passion & Perfection

Misty Flores

07/19/08     Another J/C Series     40KB
Jill/Cindy. Contains: Working Doubletime In the Seduction Line, bYou Shook Me and bJill's Very Bad, No Good Day.

07/19/08     WMC 3-Pack (J/C)     28KB
Jill/Cindy. Contains: Let's See How Far We've Come, I Don't Need Anymore Friends and Connect The Dots.

07/19/08     WMC 4-Pack (J/C)     30KB
Jill/Cindy. Contains: Tiny Tim, In Which Catwoman Gives Robin a Talking To, Cuffed and Impulsive.

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01/01/08     5 Times WMC L/J     21KB
Lindsay/Jill. Whenever Jill needed her, Lindsay was there.

09/21/08     Unrelated WMC 3 Pack (L/J)     18KB
Lindsay/Jill. Contains: When She Was Bad, The Good, Bad, Dirty Mistress and The Rules of Engagement.

Available at Passion & Perfection

Virtual Season Episodes

09/21/08     Episode One - Begin Again     51KB     by Inspector Boxer

09/21/08     Episode Two - Seige     56KB     by demeter94


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