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Xena:Warrior Princess

diNovia written as Bardzlife

08/28/05     Something More Than This     92KB
Xena/Gabrielle. How they finally get together, after falling apart.

Available at The Athenaeum

Calle Dybedahl

08/28/05     Amazon Nation     70KB
Sam/Janet/Gabrielle. The SGC discovers a world of Amazons and sends an all female team lead by Carter and Fraiser. A treaty is negotiated.

Available at Area 52


05/02/04     Family Affair     59KB
Contains: What Mom Doesn't Know, Won't Kill Her and What Dad Doesn't Know, Won't Get Him Killed. Xena/Gabrielle (the only pairing, IMHO)

05/06/04     The First Time Series     113KB
Contains: Hot Bath and a Bed, A New Day & Soul Salvation. Post One Against an Army. First time. Xena/Gabrielle.

Both available at FlyBigD's Site


05/08/04     My Little One     21KB
First time Xena & Gabrielle. A visit to the Amazon village brings about long hidden feelings.

Available at Passion & Perfection


03/05/06  Gaia  258KB
Xena/Gabrielle and Sam/Janet. Crossover with SG-1.

Available at: Area 52


03/05/06  Butches & Femmes Anonymouses  6KB
Xena/Gabrielle and various other fanfic pairs. Holiday stress.

Available at: Passion and Perfection

Del Robertson

04/19/08  Rites of Passage  62KB
In this early tale from the Amazon Nation, Solari, Ephiny and a handful of young recruits are paired up for a wilderness survival test. The intrepid Amazons soon learn the wilderness is a dangerous place and what can go wrong, will go wrong.

Available at: Passion and Perfection

Della Street

01/09/05     Finds     37KB
Mel/Janice. Janice and Mel's new partnership is disrupted by the arrival of someone from the Southerner's past.

01/16/05     Inside Job & Companions     33KB
Xena/Gabrielle. Two unrelated pieces. first, While visiting an old aquaintance Xena is offered first choice from his latest batch of slaves. And next, Xena rushes back from a scouting trip, only to discover that Gabrielle has already departed the inn, accompanied by a male warrior.

01/16/05     Bargin Hunting & Debts     32KB
Xena/Gabrielle. Two more unrelated pieces. Xena is in the mood for a bargain. And, someone from Xena's past sends a warrior to remind her of an old debt.

01/16/05     Assassins     29KB
Xena/Gabrielle. Xena must find out who has sent assasssins after her.

01/17/05     Sacred Ground     34KB
Xena/Gabrielle. Gabrielle persuades Xena to intervene to protect a townspeople who refuse to fight.

01/17/05     Resistance     113KB
Xena/Gabrielle. Conqueror - a different first meeting between Conqueror and bard.

01/22/05     Seven Unrelated Shorts     21KB
Xena/Gabrielle. Contains: Beyond Sex, Delicacy, Guessing Games, Mystaken Identity, Mush, Scientific Method, and Sense of Humor.

02/06/05     Whipped & Settling     15KB
Xena/Gabrielle. A warlord demands Gabrielle as payment and If the first season had turned out differently...

Available at Passion and Perfection

Kodi Wolf

04/01/04     Warrior Slave     205KB
Xena/Gabrielle. Contains scenes of graphic (public) sex (including anal), as well as themes of non-consensual sex and BDSM. There is also harsh language. In order to keep a warlord from attacking the Amazon Nation, Xena agrees to pretend to be the slave of the Amazon Queen, Gabrielle. Chapter 1 through 5 available. Story is incomplete according to the author but each chapter can be read as a stand alone piece although chapter 1 should be read first.

Available at Kodi Wolf's Site


Mavis Applewater

Wednesday Afternoon Series
01/30/05     Unrelated Pair 1     48KB
Contains: Blind Dates and Other Tragedies and Bad Timing.

01/30/05     Unrelated Pair 2     49KB
Contains: Bedlam and April Showers.

01/30/05     Unrelated Pair 3     51KB
Contains: Breakfast With Amelia and All in a Day's Work.

02/06/05     Unrelated Pair 4     35KB
Contains: Changes and A Day at the Mall.

02/06/05     Unrelated Pair 5     29KB
Contains: Cast List and Danica's Dilemma.

02/06/05     Unrelated Pair 6     43KB
Contains: Briar's Creek and By Request.

02/13/05     Unrelated Pair 7     34KB
Contains: Easing the Tension and Desperately Seeking Clark.

02/13/05     Unrelated Pair 8     37KB
Contains: Double Dating and Detour.

02/13/05     Unrelated Pair 9     36KB
Contains: Drive In and Fanning the Flames.

02/22/05     Unrelated Pair 10     27KB
Contains: Happy Birthday Jen and Final Exam.

02/22/05     Unrelated Pair 11     34KB
Contains: Hidden Agenda and Home Stretch.

02/22/05     Unrelated Pair 12     40KB
Contains: House Sitting and Gemini.

03/15/05     Unrelated Pair 13     39KB
Contains: The King’s Frolic and The Lady Dunnesbury.

03/15/05     Unrelated Pair 14     34KB
Contains: Laundry Day and Icing on The Cake.

03/15/05     My Life with Mandy     44KB
Contains: One shot due to size.

03/20/05     Unrelated Pair 15     41KB
Contains: The Lodge and Living on the Edge.

03/20/05     Unrelated Pair 16     38KB
Contains: Lucky Thirteen and The Lost Amazon Tribe.

03/20/05     Unrelated Pair 17     53KB
Contains: A Kiss Is More Than Just A Kiss and Living The Life.

04/02/05     Unrelated Pair 18     26KB
Contains: The Party and New Beginnings.

04/02/05     Unrelated Pair 19     36KB
Contains: The Night We Almost Met Madonna and Matinee.

04/02/05     Unrelated Pair 20     42KB
Contains: Parking Tickets And Other Annoyances and Michelle's Chance.

05/01/05     Unrelated Pair 21     39KB
Contains: The Water's Edge and Strike a Pose.

05/04/05     Unrelated Pair 22     32KB
Contains: Trading Rooms and Ring in the Old, Ring in the New.

05/04/05     Unrelated Pair 23     34KB
Contains: Pizza, Pizza and The Promise.

05/08/05     Unrelated Pair 24     42KB
Contains: Under The Mistletoe and The Pirate Queen.

05/08/05     Unrelated Pair 25     32KB
Contains: Sing for Me and Roll of the Dice.

05/14/05     Unrelated Pair 26     40KB
Contains: Road Trip and Time Heals All Wounds.

05/22/05     Unrelated Pair 27     30KB
Contains: Something Different and Summer Sunset.

06/05/05     Unrelated Pair 28     41KB
Contains: Saving For Tomorrow and Rain's Journey.

Wednesday Afternoon Series - with Sequels

06/11/05     Angel's Heart & Angel Unchained     60KB
Women in prison - you knew it had to happen sooner or later.

06/11/05     Adventure On The High Seas & Blair's Bounty     35KB
A pirate. A Lady. Adventures.

06/18/05     The Body Guard & Babysitting Charlie     61KB
A security specialist is assigned to protect a tempermental actress.

06/23/05     The Cabana & Businesss Dealings     33KB
When business trips aren't all business...

07/02/05     Coffee Break & Dinner With The Family     38KB
Meet the in-laws.

07/04/05     Dashing through the Snow & Let It Rain     39KB
Weather = Sex.

07/10/05     The Beach & Storm Warning     42KB
Beach romance lead to self-discovery.

07/17/05     Damsel in Distress Series     64KB
A motorist gets help.

08/28/05     Everlasting Series     59KB
A princess and her prince(?).

08/28/05     Truth or Dare     54KB
The games people play.

09/03/05     Family Reunion     48KB
Almost step-sisters. Thankfully not.

09/11/05     Destiny     24KB
Holloween fic.

09/14/05     Fielder's Choice     103KB
This one is 'A League Of Their Own' done up Mavis style.

09/17/05     Good Things Come in Small Packages     34KB
Title says it all.

09/25/05     Happy Birthday to Me     86KB
A Mexican vacation and a unique gift.

10/01/05     Here Comes the Bride     78KB
A cocktail waitress entertains at a bachelorette party.

01/13/06     Home for the Holidays     164KB
Holidays - a whole year of 'em.

01/29/06     Home Improvement and Cora's Present     40KB
Home Depot anyone?

02/05/06     Island Dreams and Back to Reality     81KB
Carefree beach bum flier meets obnoxious woman and becomes stranded.

02/25/06     Jury Duty and Reaching A Verdict     31KB
Doing one's civic duty can be very rewarding.

03/19/06     Lessons Learned     90KB
One week in a lifetime can change a woman... or two.

03/25/06     Miss Larilia's Lesson     67KB
1880s Mavis style.

04/02/06     The Plaza Hotel     41KB
A shame marriage and a new governess in the New World.

04/14/06     Overtime     27KB
The boss isn't as bad as the assistant first thinks.

05/06/07     Queen of Hearts     38KB
A friendly game of cards presents an interesting jackpot.

05/06/07     Questions and Answers     36KB
Over dinner a woman confides in a close friend of how she first discovered and lost love.

06/09/07     The Repairwoman     30KB
Things heat up for Sandy when her air conditioner breaks.

Available at The Royal Academy of Bards


09/04/06     Two Cross Side     29KB
Business trip, a pool hall and a bet.

01/14/07     Renegade     421KB
Trace Sheridan is a dirty cop in trouble with time running out.

06/09/07     The Tropic of Hunter    197 KB
Trace Sheridan is a dirty cop in trouble with time running out.

10/14/07     Clandestine     195KB
A company burned, ex-CIA operative, who seeks absolution in a bottle, is forced into a situation that could be the defining moment of her life. Burnt-out and long ago thinking herself incapable of feeling, her numb complacency is tested when she meets an innocent woman who must now suffer the ultimate consequences of her bad choices.

Available at Passion & Perfection

Gabrielle Goldsby

07/11/04     The Foundlings     71KB
From the Xenaverse. Fox's dreams have finally come true. She has earned the right to join with Kia. Now she must convince Kia that she can make her happy.

Available at Gabrielle Goldsby's Site


05/02/04     Plan D Series - Part 1     121KB
05/09/04     Plan D Series - Part 2     53KB
05/09/04     Plan D Series - Part 3     219KB
05/13/04     Plan D Series - Part 4     129KB
05/19/04     Plan D Series - Part 5     107KB
05/21/04     Plan D Series - Part 6     142KB
05/23/04     Plan D Series - Part 7     107KB
05/26/04     Plan D Series - Part 8     136KB
05/30/04     Plan D Series - Part 9     136KB
06/06/04     Plan D Series - Part 10     84KB
06/11/04     Plan D Series - Part 11     99KB
From the Xenaverse. Xena and Gabrielle as immortals. A histerical romp through the eons. 'Dite and Ares splashed liberally throughout. Plus the addition of a simply awsome original character.

06/13/04     Welcome to Paradise - Part 1     66KB
06/17/04     Welcome to Paradise - Part 2     58KB
06/24/04     Welcome to Paradise - Part 3     64KB
06/28/04     Welcome to Paradise - Part 4     64KB
07/11/04     Welcome to Paradise - Part 5     26KB
Uber island fun.

03/19/05     Happy Captives     38KB
Fun in a snowstorm - with kids.

All available at FlyBigD's Site

Meghan O'Brien

07/24/04     Four Erotic Tales     77KB
Stories are unrelated and complete within themselves. Take an erotic ride with four couples as life either rejoins them or throws them together with spectacular results

08/01/04     The Gift     93KB
Please read the disclaimers. A warrior returns back from war to a King who grants her a night with a body slave.

08/01/04     Dark Springs     79KB

Available at Meghan O'Brien's Site

Kim Pritekel

04/16/04     Passion's Fool     60KB
From the Xenaverse. A time of lords, castles and women knowing their place. Hehehehe.

09/04/06     April Fool's, Charlie Brown     27KB
The joke's on...

09/04/06     Sisterly Love     100KB
Summary to Follow.

09/09/06     Full Moon     56KB
A halloween saga.

10/21/06     Lessons     366KB
Teacher - student x2.

10/21/06     Friendly Skies     51KB
A PWP in which two women bond during a plane ride.

11/12/06     Call Me     53KB
A Bad break-up leads to a call to a phone sex line.

01/14/07     On the Wings of Chance     25KB
For the Academy of Bard's Valentine 2003 Challenge

Available at The Academy of Bards


04/23/05     Rock Me     30KB
Love on a mountain.

05/08/05     Rock On     20KB
Love on a mountain; take two.

05//05     Rock Hard     23KB
Love on a mountain; take three.

Available at The Author's Own Site

The Raven

01/07/06     Captive     5KB
Xena & Gabrielle - Immortal.

Available at The Paradoxical F/F Archive

Della Street

01/09/05     Towards Sunset     68KB
From the Xenaverse. A western.

Available at Passion and Perfection


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